Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 2/3/17

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It’s been an eventful week. You’ll know why when you read below. Lets get to the meat and potatoes shall we?

Stuff to Check Out Before You Read Stuff

1. Oh, Hello

Meet Han Gandalf Gentilcore Julian Lewis Gentilcore. Born 1/31/17 at 12:22 PM.

Lisa and I are so happy, excited, and tired….;o) Lisa, by the way, was a CHAMPION. Thanks to everyone who sent well-wishes via email, social media, and texts.

And so it begins…..

2. Appearance on Ben Coomber Radio

I had the pleasure of being invited onto the Ben Coomber Radio Show recently.

In typical fashion I was witty, intelligent, and cunning. But that’s just my own assessment. Ben’s a pro and has one of the most successful health/fitness podcasts over in the UK. We dive right into things and start talking about “effective” gym training. At about 30 minutes, it’s the perfect thing to listen to on your commute. Or to pass time as your significant other watches The Bachelor/Walking Dead (depending on gender).

Direct download HERE.

iTunes download HERE.

3. Latest article on 4 Push-Up Mistakes You’re Making

Despite it’s popularity and recognition as an exercise staple, nothing gets more eye-rolls when I plan them into a program (especially from guys) than push-ups.

Stop being a nimrod and do them right…..HERE.

4. 2 Workshops Coming Up

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Vancouver, April 1-2nd.

Dean Somerset and I will be in Vancouver that weekend to talk shoulders and hips and to start a tickle fight.

For more information and to sign up you can go HERE.

SUNY Cortland Health & Wellness Conference – Cortland, NY, April 8th

I’ll be at my alma mater the weekend of April 8th speaking at what I believe is the 4th or 5th annual SUNY Cortland Conference. Other guest speakers include my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Mark Fisher, Brian St. Pierre, and Dr. David Just.

For more information you can go HERE.

The “Stuff” to Read

The 10 Most Overrated Workouts and Diets – T-Nation

The combined years of experience of the coaches who contributed to this article is 5,798. Give or take. With that much experience giving their insights, you should listen.

What Are the Best Anti-Rotation Exercises? – Todd Marsh

Woo-hoo for the Pallof Press!!!

Improve Your Bench Press & Posture With This Technique – Joel Seedman

Not many people think quite as much outside the box as Joel Seedman. Here’s a perfect example. I’m going to try this with some of my clients soon.

Social Media Hightlights



My new favorite tricep exercise. KB Tricep Extension w/ Roll. Got the idea originally from @dr.joelseedman_ahp when he explained the advantage of using the KBs allow for more ROM. Here I perform a 3s eccentric on the way down then “roll” the elbows forward before pressing back up to the starting position. Perform these for 8-12 reps and you’ll love it.

A video posted by Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore) on

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