How To Get Strong in 2-3 Days a Week

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I have a 7-month old here at home and to say that my day-to-day routine – wake up, casual breakfast, peruse the internet, take a pic of my cat, do a little writing, go lift heavy things, go coach, come home, eat dinner, watch Forensic Files1, repeat – that I like(d) very much and grew accustomed to over the years has been interrupted would be an understatement.

Now my world revolves around diaper changes, eating & sleep schedules, and subconsciously rocking back and forth while standing in place (oddly, many times despite not holding a baby).

I’ve still made my training a priority, though.

Sure I may bitch and whine about having to be more on-point and expeditious with my training – gone are the two hour bro-sessions – and also be more steadfastly aware that my ability to recover has been compromised (again, gone are the two hour bro-sessions), but it’s all good.

In the grand scheme of things I have little to complain about.

Julian is growing, happy, healthy, and already has his sights on the 2040 Olympics.2

My kid’s cute and stuff and I’d love to talk about him more, but lets get back to topic of training.

The peeps over at knew I had become a Dad recently and asked if I’d be willing to drum up a quick-n-dirty program not necessarily directed towards new parents per se, but more so for people who are busy and don’t have copious amounts of time to get their diesel on.

I was happy to oblige and this is what I came up with.

—> How To Get Strong In 2-3 Days a Week <—

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  1. I am obsessed with this show. It’s fucking weird, I know. And my wife tells me how weird it is on a daily basis. Oh, What’s that babe? You increased our Life Insurance? [cues up another episode]

  2. Either in baseball (if they bring it back) or Techno Interpretive Dance (it’ll be a thing by then).

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