Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/18/17

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It’s been quite the week, huh? While I’d like to sit here and espouse a plethora of nuanced commentary on the unfortunate, and, quite frankly, sickening events of this past week here in the U.S., I feel all I can really add to the conversation is this admittedly un-nuanced soundbite:

“Fucking Nazis suck.1

That’s all I have to say about that.

Lets get to this week’s stuff to read.


1) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Orlando

There’s only less than three weeks left to take advantage of the Early Bird rate for Dean Somerset and I’s workshop in Orlando, at Spark Fitness, the weekend of October 21st.

I’ve never been to Orlando. I bet it’s going to be beautiful in October. Yet, there’s no way in hell I’m visiting Disney World.2

You can go HERE for more details and to sign up.

HEADS UP: We’ve also added Boston into the mix later this year. Not Burlington Boston or Beverly Boston, two cities that are lovely, albeit not (that) close to Boston.

No, this is IN Boston. In the heart of the city Boston, at AMP Fitness.

Early bird rate is in effect now and if you’re super eager to sign-up you can go HERE.

2) Elite Fitness & Performance Summit – Chicago


I’ll be in Chicago this September alongside some other phenomenal speakers for the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit. The cast includes:

  • Nick Tumminello
  • Mark Fisher (if I have to follow him on stage I’m going to be pissed)
  • Josh Henkin
  • Nick Berry
  • Molly Galbraith
  • Krista Scott-Dixon
  • Ryan Ketchum

And many, many more.  It’s one of the most action-packed fitness events of the year, so be sure to reserve your seat ASAP. You can go HERE to do so.

3) Appearance on The Strength House Podcast

It was great to catch up with old friends Greg Robins and Tony Bonvechio. I think I am officially the smallest & weakest guest they have ever had…;o)


Stuff to Read

The Tension Weightlifting Technique: How To Make Every Exercise More Effective – Justin Park

This is a really thorough review on one of the most under-appreciated aspects of training: tension.

Strength and Conditioning Programs: When Precision Tops Effort – John O’Neil

A common practice is giving near maximal effort on every….single….exercise. I love when people want to work that hard, but that mentality can also be as detrimental as it can be helpful.

Here’s John with a nice, rational piece explaining why “precision” and doing exercises correctly is vital for short and long-term success.

What Workout Program Works Best? – Erica Suter

I think I like Erica’s writing because much of the time it mirrors my tone and I can appreciate a good “bang my head against a wall” joke and references to dragons.

But, too, I think she makes a lot of sense and I respect the advice she gives.

People tend to over-think things and are always after what’s “best” or “optimal”

Newsflash: it all works.

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Looking for a legit glute finisher? Try the 5-10-15 Protocol. Perform 5 reps of barbell hip thrust. Stand up, grab a kettlebell, and perform 10 swings. Then slide right back over and perform 15 repetitions of 1-legged hip thrusts per leg. Aim for 2-3 total rounds. Toasty.

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  1. I’m on the same side as the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is not one to mince words “I have a message to the neo-Nazis, the white nationalists, and the neo-Confederates. Let me be as blunt as possible: your heroes are losers.” <—-Ooooooooooh, snap. Get it? Literally, they’re losers. They lost. Hahaha. Nice one Arnold. Something else he said that resonated with me, and seems about as commonsense of an answer as anything I’ve read or seen the past week, had to do with those at the rally who were like “I was just at the march. Don’t call me a Nazi. I have nothing to do with Nazis at all.” Arnold’s response: “Let me help you: Don’t hang around people who carry Nazi flags, give Nazi salutes, or shout Nazi slogans. Go home. Or better yet, tell them they are wrong to celebrate an ideology that murdered millions of people. And then go home.”

  2. Mariah Carey could step into a time machine, come back as early 90’s Mariah Carey, sing all her hits “Emotions,” “Dreamlover,” “Vision of Love,” “Hero,” “Tony Will You Make Out With Me?” and I still wouldn’t step foot in that place. Okay, maybe for ten minutes.

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