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I remember one of my first trips into NYC was back in 2006. I tagged along with Eric (Cressey) – we were roommates at the time – and Mike Robertson as they were putting on and filming their Building the Efficient Athlete workshop.

The event took place at PEAK Performance which was right smack dab in the middle of Manhattan.


There’s a lot about that trip I remember.

  • The Empire State Building
  • The food.
  • Eclectic people.
  • Trying not to destroy the back of my pants riding a taxi.

NYC truly is an amazing place.

However, the thing I remembered most about that trip was the venue itself…PEAK Performance.

Then, located on an unassuming street in an unassuming building, you’d take the elevator up a few floors, the door would open, and….sha-ZAM:

A training and performance mecca.

It was beautiful.

Anything and everything you’d ever want in a training facility was there. And it was all the creation of the owner, Joe Dowdell.

I got to know Joe that weekend, and he struck me as one of the most handsomest men I have ever met knowledgable people I have ever met and someone who had an insatiable appetite for learning.

From then on out every time I visited NYC I’d always make it a point to visit PEAK. In the years afterwards Joe became a good friend and someone I looked towards for both training and career advice.

I mean, he did build one of the most successful gyms in the country from scratch and was a regular contributor to all of the top fitness publications out there; not to mention he authored or co-authored several books and DVD sets.

He even invited me down to speak to his staff and to attend some workshops he was putting on. In fact, here’s a pic of me at PEAK taking part in a round-table amongst some other heavy hitters in the industry: John Romaniello, Kevin Neeld, Jim Smith, Perry Nickelston, and Joe himself:

Me and Kevin were battling for most upright posture in the world apparently.

Long story short: Joe’s one of the most respected guys in the industry and you can rest assured that if his name is attached to anything, it’s of the highest quality.

His new venture, Peak Perform University, is no different.

It’s a continuing education resource geared towards fitness professionals curated personally by Joe himself. In it you’ll have access to material produced by some of the biggest names in the industry: Pat Davidson, Bill Hartman, Dean Somerset, Perry Nickelston, Joel Jamieson, and yours truly.

You can think of it as an abyss of content: there’s already a hefty database to choose from, and there will be additional, CEU accredited material added month by month.

If you’re a fitness professional looking for an easy and convenient – no travel! – way to expose yourself to some of the top coaches in the industry this is a splendid way to do so.1.

The best part: you can choose however many courses you’d like to view, there’s no requirement to the number you have to purchase, and you can take however much time you want to view them.

The initial launch of Peak Perform University starts today and ends Sunday, September 17th at midnight.

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  1. You don’t even have to wear pants. What’s not to love?

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