Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 3/9/18

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Can someone please make a legitimate rationale why we don’t just make “Daylight Savings Time” standard time year round?

Granted this is rooted from a selfish place and is all about me being a cantankerous, sleep-deprived parent of a one-year old.

Seriously, why?


SIDE NOTE: Lisa and I are finally heading out to go see Black Panther tonight. Up until this point I still feel Winter Soldier is the best Marvel movie yet, but I’m expecting my face to be melted tonight for sure. Can’t wait.


1. I’m Everywhere In 2018

I’ve got a bevy of speaking engagements lined up for 2018, and next week begins the madness.

I’ll be in NYC speaking at a few Equinox locations on March 16th and 17th, and from there on out I’ve got a place to be at least one weekend every month for the foreseeable future.

It’s a nice feeling to be in demand.

I’d encourage you to click the link above or THIS one for more details/insights into where I’ll be and when.

Events Just Around the Corner

  • Spurling Spring Seminar – Kennebunk, ME: April 14th
  • Coaching Competency Workshop – Sterling, VA: April 21st
  • The Fitness Summit – Kansas City, MO: May 4-5th (Dean Somerset and I are doing a special 4-hour PRE-CON for this event).

2. Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification

Registration for this highly competitive certification opens on April 4th. However, I’ve got some good, nay, fucking amazing news.

I’ve negotiated some awesome perks for you:

  • Early access to enroll on April 3rd (24 hrs before they open to the public), increasing your chances of getting in.

  • A huge discount (up to 33% off the regular price).

This is without question one of the best certifications any fitness professional can possess, offering incredible value and helps to separate you from the masses.

Go HERE for more info.

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work

The Best Dumbbell Exercises You’re Not Doing – T-Nation Compilation

12 coaches, 12 exercises to possibly add to your exercise repertoire.

The Rep Scheme Manifesto – Stephane Cazeault

Want to know what are the best rep schemes for strength, muscle growth, or being able to beat a grizzly bear in a knife fight?1

Check this out. It’s pretty stellar.

The 6 MOST Common Deadlift Mistakes Women Make – Lana Sova

She had me at deadlifts.

Social Media Shenanigans



The landmine is a very versatile piece of equipment. And it’s not just for upper body drills. Here’s one of my favorite lower body movements to do with it: Perpendicular 1-Legged RDL. I’m sure there’s a more eloquent way to explain it, but the different stance just feels less cumbersome and feels more natural to perform. Also, for those who may struggle with balance this landmine variation helps a bit.

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  1. 7×4.

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