Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/1/18

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I’m in Vancouver for the weekend doing a pair of workshops. One at Equinox for a crew of trainers and one in nearby Victoria for a two-day assessment, program design, deadlifting, cat meme extravaganza

It’s lovely here. And the people are lovely too.

I was at Equinox yesterday to get a quick lift in after a long travel day and saw this exchange happen with my own two eyes:

Meathead #1: “Hey dude, I was still using that (bench).”

Meathead #2: “Oh, sorry.”

Meathead #1: “No worries. You can jump in. My name is Mike by the way.”

Meathead #2: “Thanks, I’m Nate. Nice to meet you.”

I was F.L.A.B.B.E.R.G.A.S.T.E.D

That same scenario goes down in Boston? Where another dude jacks another dude’s bench press during prime bro hours?

A knife fight breaks out.

Canadiens truly ARE the nicest people on Earth.


1. London Workshop w/ Luke Worthington

^^^ It’s so good we didn’t even feel the need to come up with a witty title for it.

After my workshop in Germany I head over to London to take part in a 2-day event (the weekend of July 7th) with my friend and colleague (and handsomest man alive) Luke Worthington.

This one is filling up fast…..go HERE for more info.

2. Strong Body-Strong Mind – Boston, MA

We had such a great response when Lisa and I hosted a SBSM Workshop in our hometown last year that we decided to do it again this summer.

I’ll be speaking to assessment, coaching up common strength exercises (squats, deadlifts), and how to better “match” your programs to your client’s abilities and goals.

Lisa will be discussing how to better manage client expectations, motivation, and how to adopt better mindset strategies for success.

The umbrella theme of this workshop is to enhance the SOFT skills of coaching, how to garner a connection, and build rapport with your athletes/clients.

  • Spots are limited
  • Early Bird rates apply for both students ($99) and professionals ($129)
  • CEUs will be available (NSCA)

For more details (including itinerary and registration) go HERE.

3. Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint– Dates/Locations Announced

Dean Somerset and I are currently in the throes of drumming up new content for our staple workshop series.

We’ve presented this workshop all over the world – London, Vancouver, Oslo, Prague, Boston, LA, Hoth – and even turned it into a popular digital product HERE so everyone can enjoy it.

We’ve already nailed down dates in Slovenia, Houston, and LA this fall (2018) and are also in talks to bring it to Detroit, Philadelphia, Edmonton, Australia, and Singapore in 2019.

If you’re someone who’d like to host this event/participate in a tickle fight please reach out to either Dean or myself.

Go HERE to register in the announced cities.


*Since I’m in Vancouver I thought it witty to highlight some articles of fitness friends of mine who are located in the area.

The Ways You CAN Use a BOSU Ball – Meghan Callaway

I’ll be the first to admit I like to bust the BOSU ball’s balls, and find that most people use it for silly reasons in an exercise program.

That said, we can find legitimate reasons for any exercise1, and as Meghan so colloquially details in this article, the BOSU is no different.

Cut the S#!t Get Fit Podcast w/ Tony Gentilcore & Lee Boyce 

Rafal Matuszewski is a friend and Vancouver based trainer who runs a pretty kick-ass podcast.

In case you missed it the first time around this is an older episode that aired last year in Rafal’s show featuring myself AND Lee Boyce.


At the same time.


Sorry if that came across creepy.

How to Adjust Your Meal Composition to Solve 3 Common Problems – Georgie Fear

Georgie is a Vancouver based Registered Dietician and one of my “go to” sources when it comes to anything nutrition.

I really respect her approach and how practical and accessible she makes things. In the world of nutrition this is rare (and a gift on her part).

Social Media Shenanigans



Every pregnancy is different, and whenever I work with a woman who’s pregnant I always say rule #1 is to listen to your body and to let me know if anything feels off or awkward. That being said I find strength training offers great value during this time. Pregnancy isn’t a disability and there’s much a woman can do during this time to prepare the body for a MUCH bigger event than a set of squats. Giving birth! In addition to trap bar deadlifts, pushups, 1-arm pulldowns, wall assisted 1-legged RDLs, and even some Farmer Carries, Neidine also did a fair amount of deadbugs, Breathing Side Planks, and positional breathing drills during this session too. <—those are just far less exciting to film. We’re still getting after it even as we approach month 7, but also remaining cognizant that pelvic floor health & integrity is paramount too. But to quote @drsarahduvall ….”you need to lift shit, to fix shit.” And to expound on that further I’d add, “you need to lift shit in order to (hopefully) prevent bad shit from happening.” Nothing is set in stone during this delicate time, but strength training can help offset a lot of nefariousness.

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  1. Except kipping pull-ups. That shit is wack.

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