Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/22/18

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Lets jump right into this week’s “stuff.”


 1. Strong Body-Strong Mind – Boston, MA

We had such a great response when Lisa and I hosted a SBSM Workshop in Boston last year that we decided to do it again this summer.

I’ll be speaking to assessment, coaching up common strength exercises (squats, deadlifts), and how to better “match” your programs to your client’s abilities and goals.

Lisa will be discussing how to better manage client expectations, motivation, and how to adopt better mindset strategies for success.

The umbrella theme of this workshop is to enhance the SOFT skills of coaching, how to garner a connection, and build rapport with your athletes/clients.

  • Spots are limited
  • Early Bird rates apply for both students ($99) and professionals ($129)
  • CEUs will be available (NSCA)

For more details (including itinerary and registration) go HERE.

2. Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint– Dates/Locations Announced

Dean Somerset and I are currently in the throes of drumming up new content for our staple workshop series.

We’ve presented this workshop all over the world – London, Vancouver, Oslo, Prague, Boston, LA, Hoth – and even turned it into a popular digital product HERE so everyone can enjoy it.

We’ve already nailed down dates in Slovenia, Houston, and LA this fall (2018) and are also in talks to bring it to Detroit, Philadelphia, Edmonton, Australia, and Singapore in 2019.

If you’re someone who’d like to host this event/participate in a tickle fight please reach out to either Dean or myself.

Go HERE to register in the announced cities.

4. Strength Squad Podcast Appearance



The Best Barbell Exercises You’re Not Doing – T-Nation

Here’s the latest compilation article on T-Nation I was asked to contribute to. I have to say, Christian Thibaudeau’s first offer is a CLASSIC.

Why Do You Bother? An Open Letter to “The Diet Absolutist” – Iron Exec

My biggest pet peeve in this industry – other than kipping pull-ups1 – are people who think their way or what’s worked for them will automatically apply to everyone.

This applies to training, but it especially applies to nutrition.

Exercises to Improve Your Thoracic Spine Mobility – The Prehab Guys

I picked up some new drills myself from this one.

Great stuff.




I try not to be obnoxious with sharing pics of my kid. But…….

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