Win a Free Ticket to the RISE Fitness Business Conference in San Jose

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I am honored to be speaking on stage amongst some of the pioneers in the fitness and business space this October at RISE 2018 in San Jose, CA.

Tony’s Coming to the Bay Area – Whoop, Whoop

I’ve never been to the Bay area and am pumped for this opportunity.

Yeah, yeah, I just Googled Mapped it and San Jose is 55 miles from San Francisco.

Close enough.

Either way I’m totally coming a day early so I can visit the Full House houses.

After that I’ll mozy on down to Palo Alto and try to make a cameo appearance at Stanford University to hang out with my boy Cory Schlesinger (<— Epic beard and an even epic(er) strength coach. You should follow him on Instagram HERE) and attempt to beat him in a game of H.O.R.S.E.

After my victory parade I’ll head to San Jose, either in a Nissan Sentra or a tank (whichever is a cheaper rental), to take part in what will inevitably be an amazing weekend hanging out with like-minded fitness professionals.

I’ll be presenting on the third and final day, first thing in the morning actually.1

My presentation will be: The Shoulder: From Assessment to Badass.

I.e., How to improve overhead mobility and shit. <— a working sub-title.

There are many outstanding presenters lined up for the RISE 2018 weekend including Molly Galbraith, Mark Fisher, Kellie Hart, Craig Ballantyne, and Pat Rigsby (to name a few).

If you’re a gym owner, studio owner, personal trainer, independent trainer, strength coach, or, I don’t know, a one-legged pirate, and you’re serious about taking your fitness business to the next level this is an event that can’t be passed up.

Register ——–> HERE.

Early Bird Rate Is In Effect ——-> HERE. (same link as above, but marketing research suggests you’re 136% more likely to click this link2).

I’ve Got 5 TICKETS to Giveaway for FREE

As a presenter I’ve been given five tickets to give away.


[NOTE: One ticket has your name written all over it Matt Damon, Gal Gadot, Nolan Ryan, and/or He-Man.]

To that end, everyone who signs up within the next two weeks will be put into a raffle where I’ll randomly pick five names to win a FREE ticket to the event.

Pretty sweet, right?3

All you have to do is go HERE to register and your name will automatically be put into the drawing.

Easy peasy.

I’ll then notify the winners via email in a few weeks.4

Hope to see you there.

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  1. I’d like to think this is a strategic move by the organizer of the event, Khaled ELmasri. Either he thinks I’m the bees knees and my uncanny wittiness and intellectual prowess is enough to entice 200+ attendees to get their hung-over assess out of bed on a Sunday morning, or he hates my fucking guts…;o)

  2. Actually, I made that up. But marketing research does suggest you’re a very attractive human being for reading this site.

  3. Purchase of ticket also comes with a free hug or Predator handshake. Whichever is less weird for you.

  4. Or I’ll just creepily show up at your house.

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