Answers To Your Most Pressing Fitness Business Questions

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Last summer I had the honor of being invited to speak at the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit in Chicago.

I don’t say this lightly: It was one of the best experiences as a speaker (and attendee) I’ve ever had in my 15+ years in the industry. The only way it could have been better is if my hosts, Ryan Ketchum and the rest of the Fitness Revolution crew, gave me my own ticker-tape parade.1

It was well-organized, well-paced, provided a ton of actionable content, had an amazing roster of speakers and attendees, and included a plethora opportunities for everyone to mingle and interact.

It was the perfect blend of professionalism, pithiness, and “laidbackness” that I’ve grown to respect and appreciate after attending so many conferences throughout my career.

So to say I was legitimately sad when I had to decline Ryan’s offer to come back this year to present (due to a prior engagement) was an understatement.2

That said, I still wanted to inform all my readers about the event, to let them know why it will help them grow their fitness business(es), and to also let them know they can still save $100 off their registration.


Answers To Your Most Pressing Fitness Business Questions

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to create a high powered, cash generating fitness business that allows you to live the life you want, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

A world-class fitness business that pumps out predictable revenue and doesn’t drive you insane trying to manage all the chaos is a fantasy that many fitness business owners and fitness pros only dream of. This can seem like an unattainable business target only achievable by the super-humans you see on social media.

While contemplating multiple locations, building sales funnels and taking several weeks off to spend time on vacation with family may seem like goals for the elite, many fitness business owners struggle with the day to day challenges of running a business. If you resolved those issues you could create a substantial impact on your business, growth, and career.

The most pressing challenges are:

  • How do I attract more quality leads and build my business with Ideal Clients?
  • How do I sell my training at the price I deserve without selling out and being a sleazy salesperson?
  • How can I automate more of my business so that I don’t have to spend 18 hours a day running around with my hair on fire trying to manage the chaos?
  • How I can predict my sales and profits so that I can run my business?
  • How can I build a reliable team of ‘A Players’ who help me grow my business and build my culture?
  • How do I lead a team and become a fitness entrepreneur?
  • The answers to these questions elude most fitness business owners for their entire career.
  • How can making killer cat memes increase my net intake?

That is, until now…

For the past 12 years Fitness Revolution has been helping fitness business owners implement strategies that grow their business and develop the skills needed to reach their full potential as a fitness entrepreneur. From the startup fitness business to well-known gyms that appear in the Men’s Health Top 10 Gyms list, FR has helped them all.

Many fitness business owners wonder how they can achieve more in their business without having to kill themselves doing it. Because of this, FR hosts the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit each year to provide you with TWO full days of strategy and innovation for your business.

If you’ve have ever wanted to the chance to learn from the best in the industry join the Fitness Revolution Team and our top industry experts to learn how to IMMEDIATELY transform your business with more sales, greater efficiency, and more profits, YOUR opportunity has finally arrived…

 Click Here To Book Your Ticket Now (Save $100 Today)

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  1. Or picked me up from the airport in Airwolf.

  2. In fact I spent the whole night that night listening to Norah Jones’ songs. I was inconsolable.

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