Appearance on the Absolute Strength Podcast

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Absolute Strength Podcast

I had the pleasure of being invited onto the Absolute Strength Podcast with Kyle Hunt recently.

I’ve been on my fair share of podcast’s and Kyle’s built a really impressive experience. I prefer a more casual approach and one where it just comes across as two dudes talking shop, and that’s exactly the vibe Kyle invokes.

He’s had some BIG names on his show too:

  • Alex Viada
  • Jim Wendler
  • Steffi Cohen
  • Bret Contreras
  • Jen Thompson
  • Dr. Mike Israetel
  • Emily Schromm
  • Stan Efferding………………………….to name a few.

So, basically, I’m the weakest guest Kyle’s ever had on……..;o)

Anyway, we had a good ol’ fashioned bro fest the other day.

Give it a listen:

Stitcher = HERE.

Google Play = HERE (Episode #166)

And for the iTunes snobs in the crowd you can download/listen to the episode HERE (Episode #166)

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