MASS Appeal: How Fitness Professionals Can Separate Themselves

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25 years ago one of my all-time favorite hip-hop songs, Mass Appeal, was released by one of my all-time favorite hip-hop groups, Gang Starr.

Annnnnd, in one of the oddest (or appropriate?) segues I’ve ever attempted, two-years ago one of my favorite research reviews, MASS (Monthly Application in Strength Sport),1 curated every month by Greg Nuckols, Eric Helms, and Mike Zourdos (coaches who actually lift things), came to fruition and saved me from a world of ineptitude.

I’m unabashed in advertising my disdain for reading research.

I hate it.

There are many things I’d rather do than sit down and read an entire research article. Watch NASCAR, stick my finger in an electrical socket, attempt to give my cat a bath, anything.

That’s not to insinuate I don’t feel it’s important or worth my time. A coach (or athlete) who knows and truly understands the latest research has a huge advantage over his or her’s peers and competitors.

I wholeheartedly feel that what separates the average/ho-hum trainers and coaches of the world from the excellent ones is biceps their insatiable desire to not suck and take more pride in their continuing education.

What’s more, as Greg (Nuckols) notes:

“Most people are still quite uninformed about the science behind hypertrophy, strength development, and body composition. We’d never argue that science is inherently better than in-the-trenches experience, but we think science and experience work together much better than having either in isolation.”

What’s more (even morer), trying to keep up with the research on your own is overwhelming.

There’s something in the ballpark of 50-60 journals which publish research that’s relevant to hypertrophy and strength on a regular basis.

Conservatively that’s 1000+ articles per month.

Going through all that and combing all the studies relevant to helping make people bigger, faster, and stronger is time & labor intensive, to say the least.

Personally, the only way you could get me to do that is this:

Which is why I can’t say enough great things about MASS.

It saves you a metric shit load of time2, and it makes you smarter.

2-Year Anniversary Sale

If you’re a coach, physique or strength athlete, or just someone who likes to nerd out and talk about actin/myosin chains at the dinner table this will be right up your alley.

Starting TODAY (Thursday, 4/25) is your chance to take advantage of some BIG markdowns on the service:

  • $21 monthly subscription (normally $29)
  • $209 yearly subscription (normally $299)
  • $699 lifetime subscription (normally $999)

This offer only lasts for a week (5/2).

What Else Subscribers Get

  • A new PDF issue of MASS every month.  Each  issue contains s7 articles and access  to 2 video presentations.
  • Mobile friendly versions of every article.
  • Access to online membership site with back issues.
  • 7 audio roundtable discussions with Greg, Eric, and Mike every month.
  • Access to the private Facebook Group.
  • Access to NSCA and NASM  CEUs
  • A movie quality Chewbacca mask

If you’re still on the fence you can check out the goods HERE for a free sample issue.

Otherwise you can just trust that I have smart friends and excellent taste in the resources I recommend to people and go HERE to subscribe.

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  1. See what I did there? Mass Appeal <—> MASS? Pretty good, right? My wordsmithery knows no bounds

  2. Which is a smidge less than a metric ass load

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    I couldn't agree more... The amount of information out there has become crazy. Every time I am with a client they will refer to an article they ready about (fill in the blank) fitness. I love that my clients are educating themselves on fitness and health, it shows me that they are actually interested in changing. However, lets not get caught up in every tiny detail... The base still remains, work out everyday for 45min to 1 hour and you will live a longer more active life and feel healthy.

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