Stuff to Read While You’re Stuck At Home Not Wearing Any Pants: 6/26/20

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1. I know I am speaking to the choir when I say this…

…but COVID-19 can just go a head and fuck off already.

Some of you reading may recall that earlier in the year I had announced I was expanding my studio, CORE, to a larger space here in Boston. I had found an amazing location (a mere eight minute walk from my apartment) that was going to allow me to expand my current footprint from 550 sq. feet to 3200.

So much room for activities (and fun loving hip-hop rhymes)

My wife and I had come to an agreement on a lease, but hadn’t gained possession of the space because we were still waiting for the town to meet with us to go through a variance in order to get the space approved for a build-out.

Waiting, waiting, waiting….

And then COVID hits.

Massachusetts shut down much of the economy (rightfully so) in order to curtail further spread of the virus. Gyms, of course, were shut down entirely.

Subsequently, we had to press the pause button on the new space because, well, building a new gym under the umbrella of a global pandemic didn’t seem like the wisest financial choice to make. My wife and I decided we’d wait a few months, see how things panned out, and then try to re-ignite the process later in 2020 or early 2021.

I just got word yesterday that I will no longer be able to pursue the space. The lessor felt it too much of a risk for a gym to move forward over given the state of the affairs.


Bye, bye Techno Tuesdays, Wu-Tang Wednesdays, and Laser Tag Fridays.

Needless to say we’re bummed. I’m sure we’ll be able to find another location in the coming months, but this one hurts.

2. Oh, hey, have you checked out my new CORE @ Home platform yet?

It’s designed so that I can deliver workouts you can perform at home – pants optional – using minimal equipment.

You have two options:

1. Subscribe for FREE and receive one workout per week.

2. Subscribe for $29.00 and receive three workouts per week (in addition to special bonus content).1

My hope is that it helps take the thinking out of things and keeps people more accountable to workout more consistently.

For more information go HERE.





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When your kid heads back to daycare after 3+ months.

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What the Best Personal Trainers Know That You Don’t – Lou Schuler

Keto recipes?

Nope. Well, maybe. But, who cares?

Excellent stuff from Lou here featuring some of the best trainers I know sharing their insights and expertise on how to separate yourself from the masses.

Recommended Reading For Programming the General Population – Chris Kershaw

Chris compiled an amazing array of articles and resource that have helped him develop his training/programming philosophy over the years.

Check it out.

Powerlifting Helped Heal My Relationship With My Body – Chrissy King

Last week I signed up for Chrissy’s Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals course. It was two hours of my time that was well spent and I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out.

She provides updates dates/times for her course via her IG page HERE.

In light of the course I wanted to dig into more of her content and I came across this fantastic article she wrote last year.

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