Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 10/9/20

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1. You can now purchase CORE @ Home for whatever it is you want to pay.

During quarantine I started a platform where I’d deliver 20-40 minute workouts that could be performed in everyone’s living room using minimal equipment.

In all I curated 36 workouts using nothing but bodyweight, bands, and kettlebells and/or dumbbells. With many people still reticent to head back to their regular gyms (not to mention the scarcity of gym equipment out there to purchase) I figured this would be a nice opportunity to help.

Whether you want to spend $1 or $100 (if the latter, we’ll be BFFs forever), the workouts are ready and available to start.

For more information go HERE.





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There have literally been thousands of articles and blog posts written on how to properly groove the hip hinge. . I’ve written roughly 719 of them myself. . The hip hinge (maximal hip flexion/minimal knee flexion, learning to dissociate hip movement from lumbar movement) helps clear a path for a more diverse climate of movement, and one that also helps promote athleticism & strength. . I’ve seen a pattern where some coaches are making this more complicated than it has to be. Sure, some people need more attention to detail, but a hip hinge doesn’t require too many shenanigans. . “Okay, so, what I need you to do is stand on this thingamajig, repeat the Elvish alphabet backwards, while standing underneath the light of this chakra balancing crystal I harvested from the bellybutton of a centaur.” . “Now think about keeping a neutral spine while also making sure maintain approximation of your 5th & 6th rib.” . “Also, breath through your eyeballs.” . See? A hip hinge! . 👉 Swipe over to see a quickie video I shot showcasing one of the simplest (and fool proof) ways to hammer down that pesky hip hinge. . Its so fresh and so clean (minus my clear failed attempt to be cool at the end of the video…😂)

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Flex Diet Certification – Dr. Mike T. Nelson

There’s only a few days left to opt-in for access to Dr. Mike T. Nelson’s Flex Diet course. He’s opened it up to readers only this week and if you click THIS link you’ll opt in for a FREE one-hour webinar on what “flexible dieting” even means.

From there you can gain access to 30+ hours of continuing education on how to best implement nutrition & recovery strategies with your clients/athletes; a weak link for many.

It’s a game changer to say the least.

Velocity Based Training: Let’s Not Freak Out Over a Bar Speed Sensor. Look Beyond the Surface – Gerry DeFilippo

Some coaches are bit tepid when it comes to the efficacy of using speed sensors in the weight room. Others are such ardent supporters that they’ll shut down a session if a repetition is 0.001s  slower than the previous one.

(only a slight exaggeration).

I felt this was an excellent synopsis on the topic.

Fixing Athlete Posture – Travis Mash

Posture – it can be a dicey discussion. There’s a delicate balance between what’s “optimal” and “realistic” in addition to understanding that everyone is bit different.

Sub-optimal posture doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a walking ball of fail. But it IS pertinent information when it comes to the overall well-being and performance of an athlete.

I appreciated Travis’s approach with this one. Not fear mongering, but just preparing his lifters to be better lifters.

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