Exercises You Should Be Doing: Wall Press Rotation

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Exercises You Should Be Doing: Wall Press Rotation

When it comes to dealing with hip shenanigans1 I think we’ve done a pretty solid job as an industry at prioritizing OPEN chain exercises.

For those not in the know, open-chain exercises are where…

“…the segment furthest away from the body – known as the distal aspect, usually the hand or foot – is free and not fixed to an object.”

This would make a lot sense given the hip joint – which is a ball and socket joint – is an area designed to be mobile. I don’t need to belabor the point here as there’s an abyss of exercises & drills to choose from.

HERE‘s an example.

But you can also peruse Instagram and it won’t take long before you find someone contorting themselves like a pretzel in the name of likes and five seconds of fame.

Which leads to a not-so-obvious digression.

Lately, after having listened to and corresponded with a few of my colleagues, I’m beginning to realize that open-chain exercises are just HALF the answer.

Closed-chain drills need some love too.

Wall Press Rotation


Who Did I Steal It From? – A rockstar (metaphorically speaking): Katie St. Claire. You should give her a follow. She’s legit.

What Does It Do?

1️⃣ This drill works on pelvic range of motion, but as the preface implies…in a closed chain fashion. The advantage here is that it emphasizes acetabulum motion over a fixed femur.

It feels amazing and serves as a nice drill to implement before some squats or deadlifts.

2️⃣ Too, and as Katie has pointed out, this drill also hammers home foot mechanics. As I flex into hip internal rotation I drive more foot pronation. Conversely, as I extend into hip external rotation I drive more foot supination.

A splendid drill that marries together hip-foot mechanics.

Key Coaching Cues – I’m holding onto an EZ-curl bar, but anything similar – PVC pipe, light barbell, Nimbus 2000 – will do. Be sure to press the rear foot into the wall. You’ll then flex/rotate into hip IR on the standing leg while also accentuating a full exhale.

Exhale into the stretch.

Reverse your action, rotating back/extending as you inhale.

Easy as that.

And, bonus points if you include a bicep curl.


But not really.

Okay, kidding.2

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  1. In other words: when your hip feels sticky or you have a case of “my hip fucking hurts.”

  2. No I’m not.

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