The New Essential Leg Exercise

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The New Essential Leg Exercise

It all started with a “huh.”

I was perusing Instagram a few months ago when I came across my friend’s, Andrew Coates, feed. He had just posted a video of himself performing an impressive set of Supported Bulgarian Split Squats.

Or, Hatfield Squats for the meatheads in the house.

It was something like 365 lb for 5 repetitions.

As I said, at first I was like “huh.”

Then I was like, “damn, that’s strong.”

And then I was like, “pffft, whatever, I want in on this parade.”

At that point I was roughly 5-6 weeks post Achilles repair surgery and was training pretty aggressively in the gym. That said I was still looking for ways to expand or improve upon my Trainable Menu.

I.e., Focusing on stuff I could train rather than stuff I couldn’t.

A day or two later I posted a video of myself performing a set of close to 300 lb for 6-8 reps on my NON-affected leg. I tagged Andrew who then tagged a few other colleagues who were also inspired by his escapades; one of whom was Luka Hocevar, owner of Vigor Ground Fitness in Renton, WA.

Some good ol’ fashioned friendly competition ensued.

Each week we continued to post our progress and I enjoyed it, which was weird because, despite what coaches on the internet like to pretend, I fucking hate performing single leg work.

Like, haaaaaaaaaaaaate it.1

Things I hate….

1. Nazi’s
2. Kipping pull-ups
3. People who wax poetic about keto.
44. Single leg work.
45. Talking about feelings.

Anyway, as it happens, myself, Andrew, and Luka teamed up to write an article for that just went live today. In it we break down anything and everything as it relates to the Supported Bulgarian Split Squat and why you should consider adding it to YOUR training arsenal.

Check it out HERE.

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  1. I still do it of course, but have I mentioned how much I hate doing it? I hate it.

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