Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/7/21

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It seems summer decided to show up a bit early in my neck of the woods. Today is day #2 of a four-day spread of ungodly hot weather by New England standards. Yesterday hit 90 degrees and there’s talk of  two to three 95-100 degree days looming.

My wife, a Floridian, is ecstatic.


I’d rather have a tickle fight with a grizzly bear.

Nevertheless, on a personal note (and with the warm weather officially here), we booked our first family vacation since before the pandemic for later this month.

We’re heading, of all places, to Florida at the end of the month….hahahaha.

I mean, FML.

I can’t wait.

Also, speaking of travel, I’m now starting to book some workshops.


1. I’m Coming to England (Manchester & London: Fall 2021)

👉 Manchester Info & Registration HERE (Early Bird Rate) 👈

I have confirmed that I’ll be coming to England this September to do not one, but TWO separate workshops.

  • I’ll be doing my 1-day Coaching Competency Workshop at Gudlift Gym in Manchester on Sunday, 9/12 – click HERE for itinerary and to register.
  • The following weekend (9/18) I will be in London alongside Luke Worthington to put on our 2-day Strategic Strength Workshop (host location is still being figured out)

It feels extraordinary to finally be putting events INTO my calendar rather than taking them off.

I hope to see you there!

SIDE NOTE: I’ve tossed Charleston, SC out there for this Fall, and it’s looking like I’ll be making a cameo in Orlando this winter.

I’m also open to other options as well – Milwaukee, Memphis, Mordor, whatever.

If you’re interested in possibly hosting me for a day or two (or know of a gym who’d be a good fit), please reach out and let’s chat.





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How to Stay Alive in the Fitness Industry For 2 Decades – Brandon Mancine

The picture of Aladdin and the Genie will make perfect sense once you read this quick read from Brandon.

He makes a brilliant analogy and one I never recognize despite watching this movie several times.

The Menstrual Cycle & Performance: Resources List (2021) – Julia Eyre

Looking for up-to-date resources on how the menstrual cycle affects training & performance (and how to program accordingly)?

Julia has you covered.

Where Does Fat Go When We Lose Weight? – Abby Langer

Hint: It’s not what that person on the internet who, not coincidentally has a product to sell, says.

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