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Female Fitness Marketing: Why Performance Matters

I like training women. I think it’s easier in many ways. Photo Credit: Dmitry Mordolff Women listen. Women tend to be more patient. In the gym that is. Lets not get carried away here….LOL. They’re patient in that they’re less likely to add 50 lbs to the barbell when I’m not looking and performing a… Read more

The Forgotten Quality of the Fitness Industry

I’d like to start with a story. It involves a temple, a monk, a woman, and her small child. (Sorry, this story doesn’t begin with your standard “a cowboy, rabbi, and turtle walk into a bar…..”) Photo Credit: No Typographic Man It’s a story I originally heard from strength coach Martin Rooney and few years… Read more


I’ve been really fortunate to have so many people willing to fill in to provide some awesome content while I’m away. Today is no different. Here’s a little sumthin, sumthin from my good friend Roger Lawson – 0r RogLaw as he’s more routinely called – calling people out on the most infamous word in fitness. Tomorrow If… Read more

Getting Your Female Clients to “Woman Up”

Today I have an excellent guest post by CT based strength coach, Erika Hurst, covering a topic I’m very passionate about: Encouraging women to lift heavy things. Before we jump into the article:  We made it safely to Australia, and if you’d like to keep tabs on our trip Lisa is writing a daily blog…. Read more

A Tale of Two Clients

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….. Even for those who aren’t avid readers, the words above are fairly recognizable. At some point in everyone’s life they’ve (probably) heard the phrase absent of whether or not they know the origin: Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities. Yeah, I haven’t… Read more

Focus on the Process, NOT the Outcome

Boston is in the midst of yet another snow storm today. We’re expecting a foot on top of the two feet we got in last week’s storm. It’s probably good timing given most people called into work this morning anyways due to the Pats winning the big game last night. Such an awesome game last… Read more

Unspoken Gym Rules: You Joined a Gym!? Great! Now What?

There are a lot of rules we have to follow. I’m all for following them, but sometimes it gets exhausting. Photo Credit: caren litherland In elementary school (grades 1-5 here in the States), on top of learning our multiplication tables and how to write in cursive (maybe they don’t teach that anymore? I don’t know),… Read more

Tips For Becoming a Better Fitness Writer

Note from TG: Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Cressey Sports Performance’s most recent hire, strength coach Tony Bonvechio. Otherwise known as “the other Tony.” A former collegiate baseball player, current competitive powerlifter, amazing coach, and prolific writer himself (he holds a degree in Journalism and has had his work featured on sites like T-Nation… Read more