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Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 5/11/18

I don’t need to make any introduction. Lets get to this week’s stuff. BUT FIRST…CHECK THIS STUFF OUT 1. Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Dates/Locations Announced Dean Somerset and I are currently in the throes of drumming up new content for our staple workshop series. We’ve presented this workshop all over the world –… Read more

What You Didn’t Expect When You Opened Your Gym: 6 Lessons On Building a Team

It must be “gym ownership week” on this week. Yesterday’s post on the effect social media has on the perception of gym ownership – everything is seen through rose colored glasses – was a huge hit. Today I have guest post by another gym owner, Doug Spurling of Spurling Fitness located in Kennebunk, ME,… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 11/11/16

First things first: thank you. I’ve been laying low on the writing front lately recovering from last week’s launch, and realized I never took the time to say those two words. Thank you to everyone who purchased the Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint last week. It was a surreal experience on my end to have… Read more