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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: The Fitness Summit Edition

Another week of “stuff to read,” another edition inspired by an eventful weekend of fitness industry shenanigans. This time around: The Fitness Summit Pictured (L to R): Pete Dupuis, Dr. Susan Kleiner, Bret Contreras, Dr. Erika Mundinger, Tony Gentilcore, Jeannine Trimboli, David Dellanave, Dean Somerset, Lou Schuler, Dr. Mike T. Nelson, Alan Aragon, Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, Sol… Read more

Why The Fitness Summit is THE Fitness Summit

As I type these words I’m cruising at about 39,000 feet above the ground on my flight back to Boston from Kansas City after having attended The Fitness Summit over the weekend. I feel somewhat sick to my stomach because 1) I’m not what you would call a “fan of flying” and 2) the two… Read more