Exercises You Should Be Doing: X-Band Box Walk

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This one’s going to be short and sweet this morning. After training the women’s group, I’ve been sitting here at CP for the past two hours writing programs, catching up on e-mails, and watching Youtube videos of comedian Bill Burr, who’s going to be performing at Boston University this weekend. A bunch of the CP crew are going to be attending his show tomorrow night in Agganis Arena, and I’m pretty stoked about it. And yes, I just used the word stoked in a sentence. Deal with it.

Nevertheless, I’m all Spiked up and about to get ready to train myself- which should be interesting given that I’m sprinting with one of our athletes who played professional football over in Europe this past year. However, before I go and embarrass myself, I wanted to post a quick blog.

What Is It: X-Band Box Walk

Who Did I Steal It From: Nick Tumminello, of course.

What Does It Do: Just serves as a nice and convenient progression from a regular ol’ x-band walk, which is generally done in a lateral fashion only.

Key Coaching Cues: Chest tall, scapulae retracted AND depressed. Pretty self explanatory really. Which is to say, it’s fairly idiot proof. I like to use this as part of a general warm-up/dynamic flexibility circuit. You can either go for time or just do 2-3 sets of five reps per direction.

NOTE: Even though I took the day off from work yesterday, I did happen to post a blog-albeit later in the day than usual. Who’s been a blogging son-of-a-bitch lately? Me, that’s who. Sha-ZAM!

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