Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Engineering the Alpha and Yet Another Red Meat Scare (sigh)

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UPDATE:  The post below was written roughly four hours prior to the horrible events that happened in Boston today.

Just wanted to say thank you to all who reached out via email and social media to check in on me. I am okay (I was actually at CP when everything happened). Had a few friends in the vicinity of the blast(s) and they’re okay, thankfully. I just made it home (in Boston), and suffice it to say it’s utter chaos here.
My prayers go out to all affected, and I hope whoever is behind this senseless act is brought to justice soon.

For the record

1. Today’s a pretty cool day for a variety of reasons. For starters, and this really only applies to those who live in the Boston area, today is Patriots Day where the entire city enters a state of batshitcraziness and plays hosts to the Boston Marathon.

In roughly five hours when whichever Kenyan is favored to win finally hits the homestretch down Boylston St. towards the finish line, the rest of the 20,000+ pack of runners will be cruising/jogging/shuffling/limping past my apartment in the same direction.  In every sense, it’s a sea of people and it’s impressive to watch.

Which, of course, is why I’m getting the hell out of dodge. I’m in no way interested in dealing with the logistical nightmare of weaving my way through the maze of one-way streets, detours, and porta-potty roadblocks and will be leaving to head to the facility before the madness starts.

Good luck, though, to all the runners.

Secondly, today is a pretty cool day because Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha Male, the long awaited fitness and lifestyle book written by both of my good buddies John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein is finally hitting the bookshelves today.  Everywhere!

I couldn’t be happier for these two guys.  Sure, they’re both friends and it only makes sense that I’d support them in any way I can. Speaking freely, however: these two consistently put out fantastic content, and more importantly I know how much time and work went into writing this book, and after previewing an advance copy, I can honestly tell you this is going to be a game changer.

I mean, for starters, the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, wrote the foreword.  Like, whoa!

But more to the point, I just feel this is a baller book that every guy should own.  Not only is it chock full of information on how to transform your body into a specimen that women will crave and guys will envy, but it’s also a book that’s going to help transform yourself into the best version of YOU possible – from all facets of life.

Everything from having six-pack abs to improving your sex life to understanding why wearing white past labor day is a major feux pas.

Okay, maybe not so much the last point, but consider that a freebie on my end…..;o)

Like I said it’s not only a fitness book, but a lifestyle book, too.

Anyways, I have a quick favor to ask. Rather than hightailing it to the nearest Barnes and Noble or opening up a different window to log onto Amazon to order the book, I want you to order it through the book’s official website.


Simple: Roman his offering a TON of high value bonuses for ordering the book—bonuses that you can ONLY get by ordering through the site.

So, if you’re down with getting about $100-300 in extra value in addition to a soon-to-be New York Times bestseller, pick it up at the site HERE.

Roman’s a good dude, and he didn’t have to go out of his way to provide all the additional bonuses.  So lets show my friend some love and help get this book on the best seller list!

2.  There’s a new “study” (and I use that word lightly in this instance) making its rounds around the interwebz and mainstream media that was sent my way a couple of days ago which stated – again, even though it’s been debunked more times than I can count – red meat is a main factor in the incidence of heart disease.

For those curious, the study I’m referring to is THIS one (which was featured in the New York Times no less) where the researchers, at this point clutching at straws, pointed the finger at Carnitine (a compound found in red meat, and not coincidentally is found in every cell in your body, and plays a critical role in energy production. And when I say critical, I really do mean critical. It transports fatty acids into the “engines” of your cells – the mitochondria – so they can be oxidized to produce energy.) as the main a-hole in promoting heart disease.

I don’t claim to be a “nutrition guy,” so I’d be lying if I said I was able to interpret the actual data presented.  That said, I do have an uncanny ability to smell bullshit, and as soon as I read this story I was gagging in it.

I reached out to several colleagues of mine to ask their opinion and to see if my assumptions were correct.  And they were. Pretty much all of them pointed me in the direction of Anthony Colpo.

I HIGHLY encourage everyone to read THIS review by Anthony himself where he breaks down the actual “research,” and essentially makes the people and organizations behind this study come across like a bunch of doucheholes.  Which they are.

Big time!

I’d really like to have a better understanding on how “studies” like this actually get released.  Seemingly these are well-educated people running these things, and anyone with common sense (and an internet connection) would recognize that the whole red meat/cholesterol and heart disease connection has been refuted time and time and time again.

What’s more, while I recognize that we live in a world where 24/7 news is the norm and all these outlets have time (and pages) to fill, how much culpability should be directed towards the journalists who continue to regurgitate this crap?

From the sounds of it, it seems like I can take a piece of paper and type all these fancy words on it, make all these grandios assertions like putting butter on your toast will give you Ebola, then slap some glitter paint on that bad boy and BAM: I’m published.

That’s pretty much how it works, right?

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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