Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Premium Group Update, House of Cards, and Arm Care

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1.  Month TWO of my Premium Workout Group over on WeightTraining.com was just went live this morning.

I’ve been placing an emphasis on strength training or what I like to call “getting into Beast Mode” with this first block of workouts, and all the feedback I’ve been receiving from all the participants has been awesome. It seems like everyone is enjoying the journey.

But we’ll see what they have to say after this month….;o)

Just as an FYI:  for those reading who may have never heard of this group before, you can read more about it – what it is, how it works, and how to join – HERE.

And, for those reading who may have balked at joining from the start, you should know that even if you joined TODAY or later down the road, you’ll still have access to ALL the routines (past and present).

So you’ll have the opportunity to start at your own pace and discretion.

And as I noted from the start, this Group is something that’s always going to be evolving.  As it happens, as of the tail end of last week, we introduced a DISCUSSION tab to the group page where members can leave comments, post updates, videos, and pictures of their pets (if they want) for others to chime in on.

It’s just another way to build the camaraderie of the group and for people to have more access to other people taking themselves through the same torture program.

2.  Raise your hand if you binged watched season two of House of Cards this weekend like no one’s business??

*Sheepishly raises hand*

Once Lisa and I sat down on Friday night to watch episode one (well, 14 to be exact if you count season 1) it was over.

And once that “thing” happened  – you know, that HOLY SHIT moment (spoiler at the bottom*) – at the tail end of the first episode, Lisa and I looked at one another and knew we were going to crush the entire season over the weekend.

We came close.

We got all the way up to the second to last episode last night before I puttered out.  We’ll watch the season finale tonight, though.

I can’t wait to see what happens.  Let me guess:  Frank turns into RoboCop and takes out Tusk?  No, no….that’s a bit too farfetched.

Okay, how about this: Legolas from Lord of the Rings makes a cameo appearance, seduces Claire, and he becomes President!

Yep, nailed it!

3.  I had one of my blog posts “syndicated” over on the MensHealth.com website over the weekend which was a cool surprise.

Check out 3 Surprising Reasons You Aren’t Seeing Results in the Gym.

4.  One of the “go to” exercises we use at Cressey Performance with regards to arm care is the supine rhythmic stabilization.

In short, when we’re referring to how to go about training the rotator cuff in a more “functional” manner, we have to respect that the rotator cuff’s job isn’t to necessarily externally rotate and abduct the humerus like all the anatomy books will tell us.

In fact, it’s TRUE role is to keep the humeral head centered in the glenoid fossa.  The last thing we want for an overhead athlete – or anyone for that matter – is to have their humeral head clanging around like a jellybean in a jar.

As innocuous as the exercise may look – there is a fair amount of “progression” that needs to be considered.

First and foremost a general rule of thumb to follow is to start more PROXIMALLY to the body.  Meaning, when starting this exercise with someone it’s better to perform GENTLE pertubations closer to midline of the body – in this case the elbow – where they’ll have a bit more control.

From there, the way you’ll progress the drill is to move more distally – away from the midline – towards the wrist (as Eric demonstrates in the video above).

It seems borderline trivial, but it’s an important factor to consider when implementing this drill into someone’s arm care repertoire.


* = ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy fuckballs, he killed Zoe!!  I think both Lisa and I literally jumped off the couch when Frank pushed Zoe in front of that train.  This show is freakin amazing.  It’s like they’re not scared to go all Game of Thrones on us and kill off important characters in the blink of an eye and without warning.  I love it. 

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