Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Books I’m Reading, Places I’m Speaking, and Stuff I’ve Gotten For Free (That I Like!)

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No need to give a witty introduction or quip. The title of today’s post pretty much sums it up.

I’m a huge fan of Jon Ronson (^^ this guy, in case you’re wondering). I first heard of him a few years ago while watching The Daily Show as he was making the rounds promoting is then new book, The Psychopath Test.

It was an amazing book that I devoured within days of purchasing it. It helped that I started reading it the day Lisa and I moved in together and I was stuck in our apartment waiting for the cable company to show up. I had nothing to do but read.

In the few years since I’ve read most of his books, and I’m always anticipating the release of his next deluge into the abyss of human behavior and how messed up it can be.

His latest, released last week, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, is nothing short of extraordinary.

After experiencing a case of identity theft (on Twitter) and confronting the people who pretended to be him, out of curiosity Jon decided to invite the culprits to a friendly chat and film the interaction. In his mind, maybe he’d get an interesting story out of it.

He posted the video on YouTube and was surprised at the public reaction. Commentors were saying the most vulgar things possible towards the “fake Jon Ronson’s”, and some even went out of their way to make death threats.

The experience piqued Jon’s interests, and he decided to seek out other casualties of public shaming. People like Justine Sacco, that of the now infamous “AIDS Tweet”

This woman has been through HELL in the past two years. Losing her job, forced into exile, being called every name possible, putting up with death threats, stuff I can’t even begin to imagine….all because of a Tweet – which, admittedly, shows a drastic lack of social filter, joke or not – she sent within seconds before she hopped on a plane and went to sleep.

When she awoke, her life was forever changed.

Or Jonah Lehrer, a New York Times best-selling author who, a few years ago, was caught in the middle of a self-plagiarism scandal and has been struggling to recover ever since.

And many more examples.

It really is a thrilling read into human behavior and the “psyche” behind social media and how it’s altered the instantaneous stream of conscious landscape we all now live in.

Some Other Books to Check Out (Non-Fitness Related)

An Appetite for Wonder – Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is no rookie when it comes to controversy – especially with regards to spiritualism, God, and the never ending debate over creationism vs. evolution.

He’s a scientist, and I respect that.

Five Came Back – Mark Harris

Written by one of my favorite entertainment/movie/tv columnists, Mark Harris, this book combines two of my favorite subjects to read about: movies and World War II.

The only way this book could have been more “Tony” is if he had included references to He-Man, GI Joe, and chocolate covered pretzels.

Hint: I love chocolate covered pretzels.

Other Books to Check Out (Fitness Related)

The Science of Lifting & The Art of Lifting – Greg Nuckols

All I have to say about these two books is: holy shit-balls.

I’m not getting ANY affiliate sales from saying this, so you can pipe down guy who’s gonna email me and say “you’re only saying what you’re saying because you’re getting a little kick-back.”


I’m saying what I’m saying because 1) I think both of these books are game-changers 2) Greg Nuckols deserves all the kudos and accolades he’s been receiving for writing these bad boys and 3) he has an epic beard.

Stuff I’m Wearing (Cause I’m So Fancy)

One of the cool things about the continued growth of this website is the free stuff that’s often sent my way.

It’s not uncommon to receive several emails weekly from people asking me if I’d be interested in trying out their new product – usually a supplement or fitness gadget or some kind of apparel. I don’t always accept, but if something sounds up my alley I’ll bite.

Still waiting for Rolex to contact me, though.

Anyhoo, recently I’ve gotten a slew of new companies sending me their apparel to try and I wanted to share some of them with my readers because I know many of you reading are always looking for comfortable, stylish, and/or cool things to wear or workout in.

FYI: I am NOT receiving any kick-back or affiliate money for pointing you in the direction of the following companies.

Vuori Clothing

The people from Vuori contacted me asking if I’d like to peruse their line, and if there’s something that caught my eye if they could send it to me to try (and keep).

Sheepishly, I wrote back saying I really liked the look of their Movement Hoodie, and that I’d understand if they’d prefer not to send it to me since it was their highest priced item.

“What an a-hole this Gentilcore guy is” is what I assumed they were muttering to themselves back in their office. “This guy has a lot of nerve.”

To my surprise, they sent it. Sweet! Along with a few of their t-shirts (Crest Tee, and Tuvalu Tee).

I’ve been wearing the hoodie everyday since I got it, and everyone at the facility has been sweating it. Too, the t-shirts are super comfy and more importantly make my biceps looks extra bicepy.

You can tell they put a lot of pride in the material they choose to use, and all I have to say is everything feels great to wear.

Be sure to check them out

Gym Reapers

These shirts are badass. Nuff said.

Granted Lisa’s not a fan of the evil skull head, but I think it’s awesome.  While I can’t back it up, I’m pretty sure your squat will increase by at least 50 lbs if you wear this shirt during your next training session.

It’s science.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Mark Fisher Fitness Motivate and Movement Lab

I don’t which makes me more excited: the fact I was invited to go speak at Mark Fisher Fitness, or the fact that, if I wanted, I could wear a cape during my presentation while simultaneously speak into a microphone shaped like a dildo.

And no one would bat an eye.

The Fitness Summit

This is growing to be one of the “go to” fitness events every year. I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak last year, and had an amazing time. I wrote about my experience HERE.

The vibe is much more informal and intimate (<— in a non-creepy way) compared to other large fitness events, but that’s also what makes The Fitness Summit so unique.

I’ve been invited back again this year and the line-up looks sick. I know registration has officially been closed for a few weeks now, but there is an email address you can write to about any possible openings.

If you can make it, do it!

New England Health & Racquet Sports Club Association Spring Conference

This one isn’t until May 13th, but I was given the green light to help spread the word. I’m (again) very honored to have the opportunity to be chosen to speak at this year’s event.

This will be my first time attending this conference and I know it’s kind of a big deal. Which is to say I’ve been repeating to myself over and over and over again, “No Tony, it is not okay to swear. Even a little. No Tony, it is not okay to swear. Even a little. No Tony………”

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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