Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Second List This Week Because Why Not?

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I know I posted one of these earlier this week, sorry. Fridays are the days I typically slap this stuff up on my site and I wanted to try to get back on track.

Plus, it’s my website. So there. Deal with it.  And, here’s a picture of a cute kitty.

Did You Hear High Performance Handbook Is On Sale? – Eric Cressey


Last chance to get HPH at $50 off the regular price. Sale ends Saturday (4/4)

I know the internet is tired of hearing from Eric Cressey this week, but there’s a reason why so many people have been singing his praises. He’s written a program that works.

It’s never a bad thing to have one of the best strength coaches around guiding you through four months programming – includes pre-assessment to cater the program to your needs and goals in addition to over 200+ video demonstrations with commentary (that’s like two hours of content right there).

Rep 29: Mark Rippetoe Asks “Are Physical Therapists Really Frauds?” – Scotty Butcher

About a year ago (maybe a tad longer), strength coach Mark Rippetoe wrote a scathing article on T-Nation bemoaning the efficacy of physical therapy. I can’t say I agreed 100% with his commentary, but I also can’t say I wasn’t nodding my head in agreement for most of it either.

I felt this article by Scotty Butcher was an excellent introspection.

You Don’t Have To Do This – Greg Robins

Nice to see Greg back to writing on his site. I hope he continues to do more of it.

There is no honor in nay-saying the person who chooses to run for exercise, or to play hoops, or to skip “leg-day”, just because you are “power-lifting” or identify with some other STRENGTH SPORT. In reality, these people are enjoying their training approach, they are reaching their goals, and in most scenarios they are happy, healthy and look great by the only measure that matters; their own. An EliteFTS t-shirt and a pair of Converse All-Stars doesn’t make you better than anyone. Doing deadlifts is in no way superior to other productive forms of resistance training if you aren’t invested in the growing pains of learning how to do it well.

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