Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: I Survived Mark Fisher Fitness Edition

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What a bonkers weekend.

I had the amazing opportunity of being invited down to NYC this past weekend to speak at the first Motivation & Movement Lab hosted by Mark Fisher Fitness.

The picture above was a group photo I happened to snake myself into during their POP (Pants Optional Party)1 on Saturday night.

A night, mind you, that saw me stay up till 3:30AM, which never happens. I wasn’t even fighting crime. I was just having a good time.

Can you spot me?

[And yes, there were plenty of people with no pants on during the party. FYI: Mine were on. I think.]

I’ve been friends with Mark (and many of his staff) for years now, but this was my first time visiting his facility in the flesh. And there was a lot of flesh.

Need a little perspective?

Here’s me finishing my last set of squats with MFF coaches Brian Patrick Murphy, Matt Wilson, and Liz Messina (along with special guest appearance by Roger Lawson, or RogLaw for those in the know) in the background performing bicep curls in their underwear.

With the red lights on and “No Easy Way Out” (<—Rocky IV shout out!) blaring in the background. All par for the course at MFF.



The video above was shared on Facebook yesterday and my mom (of all people) shared it on her Facebook page. I guess I’ll gave some explaining to do at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Needless to say I had a blast this past weekend. The Motivate and Movement Lab, held on Saturday and featuring myself, Mark Fisher, Harold Gibbons, and Kyle Young – speaking on everything from gym culture and the power of social media to building a better coaching rapport with your clients and female marketing in the mainstream media – was baller.

I believe close t0 75 personal trainers and coaches showed up (pants on for this one) and were treated to a less conventional, albeit welcomed and fresh approach compared to other seminars and workshops.

Each speaker provided a 30 minute “introductory presentation” on their topic which was then followed by a 45 minute “lab” where the information was dissected in a more hand-on or participatory fashion.

I can’t say for sure, but it was pretty much the best day of everyone’s life. Ever.

All in all, the weekend was a testament to Mark and the culture that he and his staff have been able to germinate and grow to cult-like – albeit inspiring – proportions.

Warning: video below is NSFW, so put on your headphones.


And on that note, lets get to this week’s list of Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work.

Is “Lift Big, Eat Big” Always the Way To Go? – Lauren Perrault

Loved the perspective shared in this article. Which is, basically, sometimes, even us coaches need to practice what we preach.

Before Opening a Gym Ask Yourself These 7 Questions – Angie Garner

I can’t tell you how many times Pete Dupuis, Cressey Sports Performance’s Vice President and Business Director, has consulted with current and prospective gym owners who have seemingly fallen prey to a handful of seemingly OBVIOUS mistakes.

1. Having eyes bigger than their bank account(s) and opening up a 10,000 sq. foot facility out of the gate.

Start small and build. Always.

2. Not knowing their numbers inside and out. One of Pete’s litmus tests is to ask someone what’s the minimum amount they need to collect on any given month to cover their overhead (payroll, rent, health insurance, electric bill, etc).

It’s mind-boggling how many don’t even know that.

Some don’t even know what they collected that month.

Nevertheless, I felt this article helped shed some light on many other factors that are often overlooked.

3 Keys to a Big Raw Squat – John Gaglione


This article kicked ass.

Many articles written about squats are written by geared lifters. This isn’t a knock against geared lifters – they have a lot to offer – but many of the cues and techniques that work for them won’t translate to raw lifters.

John nailed this one. Read it. I demand you.

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  1. A little context. Every eight weeks Mark Fisher Fitness runs a 6-week introductory body transformation/life-coaching course with their incoming “ninjas” (their nickname for new members). At the end of those six weeks they host a ginormous party for the group and all the other ninjas in the MFF community to celebrate the occasion. It’s freaking insane But in a “holy-shit-this-is-awesome way.

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