Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 9/16/16

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I have two words for you: Bachelor weekend.

My wife is away this weekend with my mother-in-law as the latter is being inducted into her alma mater’s Athletic Hall of Fame.1 This 100% means I’ll be catching up on some movie watching and chilling with my cat on the couch for the next two days. You know, because I live life dangerously.

What are your plans this weekend? More exciting than mine I hope.

Lets jump into this week’s list of stuff to read.

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Eccentric Isometrics: The Ultimate Way to Strength Train (Part I) – Joel Seedman

There is no other coach I have been obsessed with of late more so than Joel Seedman. Quite frankly, he’s someone who is consistently putting out phenomenal information and has a take on many topics I’ve never heard before.

I respect that.

In this article he breaks down eccentric/isometric training, which is named many other things – pause reps, iso holds, yielding isometrics, eccentric quasi isometrics, extreme isometrics, yo mama is fat, it’s all the same. He LOVES eccentric training and after reading this article I can see why. LOTS of good stuff to pick up and apply.

5 Ways You’re Screwing Up Your Squat – Paul Carter

This article made me sexually excited. It was that good.

Top 5 Advanced Abdominal Rollout Variations – Kelvin King (via

Have fun trying these.

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  1. As an aside, my wife, Lisa, is also in her alma mater’s Athletic Hall of Fame. I got an “A” on a paper I once wrote in college. I mean, no big deal.

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