Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 9/30/16

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I have a few editors who are, to their credit, patiently waiting for me to submit some articles. It’s 7:30 AM as I type this and I already cracked open a Spike. Time to get to work.

But first this week’s list to stuff to read….

Copyright: maglara / 123RF Stock Photo

Copyright: maglara / 123RF Stock Photo


As a quick reminder: Dean Somerset and I will be in Minneapolis, MN the weekend of October 15th to host our Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint. This will be our last one of these for the foreseeable future. Well, or until Backstreet Boys do another reunion tour.

You can get more details HERE.

As (another) quick reminder: Wil Fleming’s Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach is now available, but only through next week. If you’re like me and find that the OLY lifts are a coaching gap, this is a perfect resource to help narrow it. It’s really, really well done and it does a superb job at making something so complex, simple. It’s a testament to Wil’s phenomenal coaching style.

Check it out HERE.

Why Dieting Sucks – Brad Dieter

I’ve only just “discovered” Dr. Dieter’s work, but I believe I am borderline stalking him now. I’ve been creeping on his website, I now follow him on Twitter, and, surprise Doc, that’s me peering through your window…..;o)

This was an awesome “rant” he wrote I had to share. Like this gem:

“Most people would be far better off spending more time being well fed, and using that food to maximize training that improves their strength, power, balance, endurance, and conditioning and then using short, smart, dieting cycles to focus on fat loss. In fact, the more often you spend in a “normally fed” state the more effective short, intense, periods of dieting or cutting are. “Dieting” should be used in more of a controlled, pointed, manner to elicit a specific effect over a shorter time window.”

Personal Trainers: What The Hell Are You Doing? – Charles Staley

95-99% of personal training clients = Overweight. Under-muscled. Injury-prone. Metabolic disease risk. Low energy, low self-esteem.

What most of them need = more muscle.

“Muscle is what sets a cascade of positive adaptations into motion — faster metabolism, ability to eat more without consequence, more strength, improved endurance, better balance, increased bone density, less predisposition towards obesity and heart disease. Better energy, better sleep, higher sense of self-worth.”

What most of them get = not that.

Nice one coach!

Kettlebell Swings: You’re Doing Them Wrong – Kelli & Abby Keyes

Tons of practical info from Kelli and Abby on this one, and one of the best articles on the swing I’ve read in a while breaking down many common mistakes.

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I see many of my colleagues doing this and figured I’d jump in on the action. You know, cause I’m important.



1-arm DB row. At the top, how to perform it in way that makes my eyes bleed. Too much humeral extension (elbow going way past midline of body) is not necessary. More ROM, in this instance, does not equate to better. In fact, it can lead to anterior humeral glide syndrome and a pissed off bicep tendon and shoulder. The bottom video: how I like to coach this exercise. I definitely prefer to cue people to think “shoulder blade moves around the ribcage.” I.e., I don’t like trainees to keep their scapulae retracted the entire time (this can lead to a whole host of other issues, namely excessive downward rotation). It’s meant to move. Another cue I like: “bring elbow to hip.” The DB row is more of an arc motion than straight up and down. Also a pause at the top is never a bad idea. 90’s hip hop also helps.

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