Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 2/9/18

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It’s Friday. You don’t want to work. Here’s some stuff to keep you preoccupied until it’s time to get out of dodge.


1) The Fitness Summit

I had to take a break from The Fitness Summit last year for two reasons:

1. Eating way too many cookies.

2. But mostly because I succeeded in making a baby and my wife would have tossed me so much shade if I was all like “Hey Babe, going to KC for three days. Toodles.”

Well this year I’m back and excited to take part in a Fitness Summit first. Dean Somerset and I will be putting on a Pre-Conference day where we’ll spend a few hours test driving some new material as a follow-up to our Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint.

Tentatively titled The More Completer Hip & Shoulder Blueprint.

We’ll be taking deep dive into squat and deadlift technique: discussing ankle, foot, hip and upper extremity considerations in conjunction with regressions/progressions and programming. Whether you’re a coach or just someone who likes to lift heavy things you’ll undoubtedly learn something. And if not, cool, you still get to hang out with us for a few hours.

Registration is now open for returning and new attendees. Come experience one of the best fitness events of the year.

2) Spurling Spring Seminar

I’m excited to announce that both myself and my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, will be presenting at the inaugural Spurling Spring Seminar at Spurling Fitness in Kennebunk, ME in a few months.

If you live in New England and you’re a fitness professional you won’t want to miss it. Early bird special is currently in effect.1

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work

What’s the Best Diet? – Dr. John Berardi

This FREE multi-day course by John Berardi will help give coaches the knowledge and resources necessary to help their clients decide what the best diet is for them…

…whether Paleo, ketogenic, low-carb, high-carb, intermittent fasting, or the all cold cereal diet (<—not a thing, but it should be)

And even if you’re not a coach it’ll help make the waters less murky on the topic of diet and nutrition and what may be the best fit for YOU and YOUR goals.

All you have to do is offer your email and you’ll get instant access. Don’t worry, John won’t spam you. Because, he’s not a dick.

Single-Leg Training Tips From the Pros –

Women in particular can benefit a lot from single-leg work, and for some, it’s likely better than their bilateral cousins. Why?

Well, read the article – which I contributed to – and find out.

Shoulder Impingement – Dan Pope

Dan went TO TOWN with this epic 7-part series on shoulder impingement. It’s one of the best I have ever read on the topic.

The link above takes you to the last part of the series (but the links to all the previous parts, 1-6, are right at the top).

Be sure to check out his resource, Peak Shoulder Performance.

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The 1-Legged RDL is a common exercise to prescribe and one that reaps a lot of benefits. The thing is: It’s a rather advanced movement requiring requisite hip and rotary stability and balance. Here’s a brilliant progression I first learned from the peeps over at @warhorsebarbell. Pressing into the bench and reaching is magic for cleaning things up and really helps to groove the hinge.

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  1. All early registrants also get an awkward hug from me.

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