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4 Strength Goals For a Beautiful Body

I make no secret my disdain towards the mainstream media (magazines, newscasts, infomercials, pop culture, fads) and how it relays fitness information to women. Wait, what? You mean women can lift weights heavier than 3 lbs???? Photo Credit: Bobby Gallant Most of it – mind you, not all of it – is predicated on the… Read more

Do Absolute Strength Athletes Need to Train For Power?

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of regular, Justin Kompf. This is Justin’s fourth or fifth article on this site, but admittedly it’s been awhile since he’s contributed because he’s gotten all fancy pants and has a job and website and stuff. Today he tackles a “touchy” topic: speed/power training (what it means and how… Read more

The D’Angelo of Strength and Conditioning?

I’m not bashful when it comes to admitting my weaknesses as a coach. I did it before when I wrote a post not long ago explaining why I don’t include the Olympic lifts into my programs, and I’ll do it again today. Ready? Speed and explosive training is not my strong suit. Photo Credit: Denis Ng… Read more