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Are You Engaging the Right Muscles When You Squat?

I’m in Europe for the next two weeks traveling. Fear not. I’ve still managed to queue up some stellar content for you in my absence. Today Dr. Sarah Duvall is pinch-writing for me talking about a topic that’s relevant to anyone who likes to lift heavy things: Squats (and how to make them feel better)…. Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/1/18

I’m in Vancouver for the weekend doing a pair of workshops. One at Equinox for a crew of trainers and one in nearby Victoria for a two-day assessment, program design, deadlifting, cat meme extravaganza It’s lovely here. And the people are lovely too. I was at Equinox yesterday to get a quick lift in after… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 10/27/17

Lets dive right into things.   But First 1) Mid-Atlantic Regional NSCA Conference – Philadelphia I’m excited to be presenting alongside some other prominent coaches at this year’s Mid-Atlantic NSCA Conference in Philadelphia, PA this coming December. Hope to see you there. 2) Strength House Podcast – The One Where They Dissect My 600 lb… Read more

3 Unique Drills to Help You Conquer Your First Pull-up and Then Some

When you see the name Elon Musk it’s a safe bet adjectives like “smart,” “intelligent,” and “revolutionary” come to mind. Jason Bourne? “Badass,” or maybe “guy I wouldn’t want to pick a fight with.” Meghan Callaway? Well, if you ask me, when I see the name Meghan Callaway I think “amazing coach and the World’s… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 9/8/17

To everyone down in Florida (and other possible affected areas in Irma’s path)….be safe this weekend. CHECK THIS STUFF OUT FIRST 1) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Orlando & Boston ** Obviously with Irma kicking on Florida’s door this weekend, this event may be postponed. As of now we’re still good to go, but… Read more

Lets Play Favorites

Ever wonder what some of the best coaches/trainers say their favorite mobility drills are? Squat regressions? Favorite exercise in general? No? Well, too bad. Shane McLean asked some well-known coaches (John Rusin, Meghan Callaway, Meg Julian, Eric Bach, and myself) what some of their favorites are. Go learn something.   Lets Play Favorites…. My favorite… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 11/18/16

Lets jump right into it. Stuff to Check Out Before You Read Stuff 1. Hey, hey, hey…it’s my wife’s Birthday tomorrow. Anyone who knows Lisa well knows how much she loves b-days. Year 36 was a huge year for her. It was her first FULL year of life being married, which was excellent of course…. Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 8/12/16

Lets jump straight into this week’s list… Push-Ups: You’re Doing Them Wrong – Joel Seedman 1. I know, I know…push-ups are about as exciting as watching a NASCAR race. 2. I learned quite a bit from reading this article, actually. 3. Also, Joel is someone you should add to your “must read” list. I’ve been… Read more