Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 12/9/16

Hey guess what? Only seven more days until Rogue One opens. I’m not excited at all. Nope, not me. No excitement here. I do have to admit something, though, and it’s not going to win me any nerd cred. In fact, I may lose some. I’m not going to go see it opening weekend.  … Read more

The Trainable Menu

Much in the same way people have food intolerances/allergies and can’t handle things like peanuts, fish, eggs, and/or, sadly, dairy without some degree of consequence – bloating, skin irritation, gut issues, explosive diarrhea, or worse case scenario, death – we can mirror the same sentiment towards training. There are certain methodologies or exercises that aren’t… Read more

Becoming a Brick Shit House 201

A few weeks ago I interviewed Pat Davidson during the re-release of his stellar training system, MASS. It’s one of the most effective (and brutal) training programs out there that makes people into beasts, and I have yet to come across anyone who hasn’t gotten amazing results if they happened to survive…;O)   Pat’s kinda… Read more

A Better Lower Body Warm-Up: Hybrid Drills for the Win

I don’t know about you, but whenever I have squats or deadlifts on the itinerary it always takes me just a liiiiiitle longer to warm-up.   There are a lot of moving parts to performing each lift safely and at a high level; much more so than compared to upper body counterparts such as the… Read more