Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 6/10/16

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REMINDER: Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop – Austin, TX (Saturday, June 18th)

Hey fitness pros/fitness enthusiasts in the AUSTIN, TX area. I’ll be down there next weekend (Saturday, June 18th) – along with my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis – for our inaugural Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop.

Topics covered include:

1. The Art of Coaching & Behavior Change – not only learn the ins and outs of coaching your clients on the gym floor, but also learn some cool Jedi mind-tricks on mindset and avoiding negative self-talk to boot.

2. The difference between external and internal cueing (and why one is better than the other).

3. Introversion vs. Extroversion – and as it relates to be an effective coach.

4. Breaking down squat and deadlift technique.

5. Why squatting ass-to-grass isn’t for everyone.

6. Why our cat is the cutest cat ever.


And much, much more. CEUs via the NSCA are available.

For more information (location, payment, etc) you can go HERE.

How Tight Lats and Kipping May Cause Shoulder Pain – Dr. Dan Pope

The lats are a game changer with regards to athletic performance, strength, and aesthetics. They can also wreck havoc on shoulder health.

In this article, Dr. Dan Pope sheds some light on why.

How (and Why) To Do Push-Ups – Lee Boyce

Yeah, yeah…push-ups are boring and un-sexy. And you know how to do them.

Um, no, you don’t.

My Top 5 Coaching Cues – Mike Robertson

I always love Mike’s perspective on coaching and the cues he uses.

Note to Self: copy this idea and write my own “Top 5 Coaching Cues” post.

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