Monthly Archives: November 2016

Build Your Base: Pedestal Footwear 2.0

This, my friends, is super cool. Please read on. Most people who have been following me know that when I left Cressey Sports Performance back in 2015 and started my own gym I was quick to affiliate myself with a small Boston-based company called Pedestal Footwear. Granted one of the co-owners – Brendan McKee –… Read more

What You Weren’t Taught About Assessments

As this post goes live I’m (hopefully) en route back to Boston after attending Mark Fisher’s wedding in NYC this past weekend. I decided it best to pre-schedule something on the off-chance some crazy shenanigans went down, like, I don’t know, an impromptu dance-off with a unicorn or a shot of Tequila somehow made it… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 11/11/16

First things first: thank you. I’ve been laying low on the writing front lately recovering from last week’s launch, and realized I never took the time to say those two words. Thank you to everyone who purchased the Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint last week. It was a surreal experience on my end to have… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Chaos Push-Up

Well, that was interesting. I’m not going to mince words today: I stayed up late, you know why, and I’m exhausted. I don’t have any energy for witty banter or mental gymnastics today…so here’s a cool push-up variation you should try. I’ve long been a champion of push-ups. However, I feel they’re the Clive Owen… Read more

What Does Good Coaching Look Like?

“What does good coaching look like?” It’s a question I’m asked often. And I can’t say I have a definitive answer. I’ve had coaches who were laid back and patient and coaches who were not that, and made a tornado look like a gentle Spring breeze.   In health/fitness circles, much like athletics, there’s a… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Tons of FREE Content Edition

Oh, hello. You may have noticed that Dean Somerset and I have been all over the internet this week promoting our new resource Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint. Collectively we’ve written about 717 guest posts and appeared on 32 different podcasts. Okay, maybe not quite those high of numbers. But it sure feels like it…. Read more

Lets Pump the Brakes Internet: No, Deadlifts Won’t Make Your Spine Explode. And No, Not Everyone Has to Do Them

The internet is a funny place. Regardless of the topic – Presidential elections, Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter, GMOs, or debating the original Star Wars trilogy vs. the prequels – people tend to marry themselves to extremes. They’re either way over on the left or way the eff over on the right. There’s… Read more

A Peek Inside Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint

WHEW – talk about a whirlwind day yesterday. I spent the bulk of it glued to my laptop making sure things ran smoothly with the launch, answering questions and emails, and trying to stay on top of social media engagement. 1) THANK YOU to everyone who has gone of their way to mention and/or plug… Read more