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Be Strong: Appearance on PT Pintcast

Sorry for my lack of writing prowess this week, but as you know FREAKIN STAR WARS COMES OUT IN THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!! And that’s pretty much taking up all my physical and mental fuel at the moment. I’ve been going through my various Star Wars apparel to figure out what I want to wear, and when… Read more

Appearance on the Strength Doc Podcast

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited onto several podcasts in recent weeks, and all of them have been unique in the sense of their general flow, topics covered, and conversational approach of each host. Earlier this week I was invited onto the Strength Doc Podcast with Dr. John Rusin. It only makes sense our… Read more

I’m Taking Over the Internet. But Not Really

I’ll be heading out to sunny LA this weekend to meet up with Dean Somerset for our last go at the Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop of 2015. We’ve been on a tear lately with stops in Edmonton, St. Louis, and Chicago earlier this fall, and I hope people aren’t starting to get Dean and… Read more

I’m, Like, So Popular. Making the Podcast Rounds.

It’s Columbus Day here in the States. It’s a national holiday. Which means Lisa has the day off. Which means I’m going to get sucked into a day of husbandly domestication hell. [cue Jaws theme music here] Yep, all the guys reading know what I’m alluding to: Target. On the bright side I’m supposedly receiving… Read more

Appearance On the Coach Glass Podcast

First I’d like to thank EVERYONE for all the emails, texts, and messages sent my way offering kudos, congratulatory words of encouragement, and good vibes in lieu of yesterday’s official announcement of me leaving Cressey Sports Performance. Remember that scene towards the end of the movie in Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise walks into the… Read more