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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 1/25/19

BUT FIRST…CHECK THIS STUFF OUT 1. (Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – 2019 Locations & Dates Philadelphia, PA: April 27-28th Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: May 25-26th Sydney, Australia: July 13-14th Singapore, Republic of Singapore: July 20-21st This workshop will piggyback on the material Dean Somerset and I covered in the original Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint. With this iteration, though, we’ll be… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 7/27/18

Lets get right to this week’s stuff. BUT FIRST…CHECK THIS STUFF OUT  1. Strong Body-Strong Mind – Boston, MA Dr. Lisa Lewis and I have designed a 1-day workshop for health/fitness professionals that touches on a topic rarely discussed: the SOFT SKILLS of coaching. How to improve exercise consistency. How to increase motivation and competency to train…. Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 7/28/17

I have a sleeping baby on hand so no time for wordsmithery and introductory foreplay this morning. Lets get right into things. Oh, wait: blog topics. Anyone have any suggestions? I need help. Okay, lets get right into things.   CHECK THIS STUFF OUT FIRST 1. Strong Body-Strong Mind – Boston Next weekend, Saturday, August… Read more

Find a Winning Community: Spandex Optional. Why More Woman Should Consider Strength Training

People tend to perform best and feel their best when they know they’re a part of a community. This sentiment is true in almost any context whether referring to AA, drama club, team sports, galactic Empires, or hell, even one of those super secret societies, like in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. But it’s especially… Read more

3 Squat Variations You Haven’t Tried Yet, But Need To

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake – or JVB as she’s affectionately called – a coach at The Movement Minneapolis, competitive powerlifter, and author (along with Jen Sinkler) of Unapologetically Powerful, a new resource designed as a go-to source for learning the “big 3” lifts, and removes the intimidation often attached at… Read more

Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 12/4/15

A few housekeeping things to hit on before we dive into this week’s list. 1) A quick reminder that I will be in Frisco, TX on Sunday, December 27th doing a 1-day workshop on “The Athletic Shoulder” at Full Throttle Athletics. I’ll discuss things like upper extremity assessment (static and dynamic), why the term “shoulder… Read more