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Carrots and Celery and Priming People to Kick-Ass

Do you recall a few years ago when (then) NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, initiated a proposed ban on the sale of large-sized sugar-sweetened beverages such as sodas, sweetened teas and coffees, as well as energy and “fruit” drinks? The Big Gulp Experiment The idea was that by prohibiting restaurants, delis, sports arenas, movie theaters, and… Read more

The Lost Art of Simple

I’m on vacation this week, and as a result I told myself I wasn’t going to do much of anything other than take many naps and eat a metric boat load (which is a shade more than a metic fuck ton) of honey wheat pretzels. (Mission accomplished on both fronts). I didn’t want to leave… Read more

8 Career Traps For Personal Trainers to Avoid

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Virginia based personal trainer, Detric Smith. In case the title doesn’t give it away, there’a a bevy of sage advice below geared toward fitness professionals on common things that can (not always) derail career advancement. HINT: Not listed: Male pattern baldness and big biceps…;o)  This is a great read… Read more

5 Things I Learned From My Most Difficult Personal Training Clients

I’ve been training people since 2002. I’ve worked with myriad of clients ranging from professional athletes to young athletes to people just looking to increase their general levels of badassery. I’ve enjoyed the bulk of people I have worked and interacted with over the years. The vast majority I’d label as splendid and lovely individuals… Read more

What Planning For a Dinner Party Can Tell You About Program Design

It’s not lost on me that not many people are having dinner parties of late. World pandemic and all…😒 For the past year the closest my wife and I have gotten to a bonafide dinner party is ordering take-out every Saturday night with our 4-year old, and then sitting at the table with his army… Read more

Putting the Pro In Fitness Professional

What does it mean to be a fitness professional? The definition (or more to the point, the expectation), admittedly, has gotten a bit less clear cut in recent years. Putting the “Pro” In Fitness Professional I could sit here and wax poetic that what separates a “true” fitness professional from someone who’s pretending to be… Read more


I’ve been writing training programs since 2002, and in that time I’d say I’ve written roughly 10,717 of them. Not coincidentally that’s also the total number of times I’ve wanted to toss my face into an ax whenever someone waxes poetic on their 1) killer CrossFit workout and/or 2) keto diet. We get it, you’re… Read more

Subtle Tricks to Increase Motivation With Personal Training Clients

Being married to a psychologist has it’s disadvantages: I have to talk about my feelings. All the Time There are far more perks, however. Most of what “drains” me as a coach isn’t so much the x’s and o’s of writing programs or the ability to ascertain what may be the root cause of someone’s… Read more