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Breaking Down the Turkish Get-Up

For some people seeing the words “Turkish Get-Up” in the title of an article elicits a gag reflex or makes them want to jump into a live volcano. Even I’ll be the first to admit it’s not the most exciting exercise to talk about. However, that doesn’t mean it’s altogether invalid or that it doesn’t… Read more

Turkish Get-Up Tip: Vertical Knee

The Turkish Get-Up. Some people love them. I mean, really love them.   And others are indifferent maybe even skeptical. I know some strength coaches who view them as a valued asset to their programs, providing insight on their athlete’s movement quality as well as highlighting any “weak links” that may exist. And I know… Read more

Cleaning Up the Turkish Get-Up: Stuff People Gloss Over Because They’re Too Cool

“What does this THING even do anyways?!” That’s pretty much the standard reaction/question I receive every time I have a client or athlete perform a Turkish get-up. What’s the big deal anyways, right? You take a cannonball looking thingamajig, hold it in your hand, and stand up with it. La-dee-freakin-da.   There was a time,… Read more

Making Difficult Lifts Easier

The word “easier” is subjective in this context. I mean, can we really make a squat or deadlift easy? Maybe a better way to state things is to say “easier to perform so that someone doesn’t shit their spine.” As a strength coach it’s obviously important for me to help get people stronger – especially… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Get-ups, Deadlifts, and B-Days

1.  I have a love-hate relationship with Turkish get-ups. Photo Credit: John Maguire As a coach I love them in the sense of how much bang-for-my-training-buck they provide. I get asked all the time from my athletes and clients “what the hell do these get-up thingamabobbers do anyways?” To which I respond: what don’t they… Read more

Turkish Get-Up: Roll-to-Elbow Conundrum

Damn those Turks!  It’s no secret that I have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with the Turkish get-up. I love them because there’s no doubting their validity in terms of providing a lot of bang-for-our-training buck.  We’ve been utilizing them more and more at CP with our athletes and clients to address everything from scapular… Read more

Cressey Performance In-Service: Get-Up/Swing Tutorial

Around two weeks ago I wrote a post titled There’s a Time and Place For Everything. Kettlebells Included, where I essentially explained that everything in the realm of strength and conditioning is a tool, and should be viewed as such. I don’t care if we’re referring to kettlebells, TRX, sandbags, strongman, chains, bands, or whatever… Read more