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Best Articles of 2015: Guest Posts

Outside of the unfortunate run of crappy weather (tornados, flood warnings, snow storms), Lisa and I are having some lovely adventures down here in Texas. We’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area visiting family and stuffing our faces with delicious BBQ In keeping with the “best of” theme from last week, I wanted to highlight some… Read more

Best Articles of 2015: My Picks

Yesterday I highlighted the most popular articles of 2015 as dictated by page views and overall traffic. Today I want to highlight MY favorite articles from this past year. Because it’s all about me, me, me, ME. I have no idea why the ones listed didn’t resonate the first time through. It’s probably all my… Read more

Best Articles of 2015: Reader Edition

It’s that time of year. The time I sit back, rewind, reflect, and highlight the BEST ARTICLES of the past year on I’m still amazed at how many people support the site and go out of their way to make it a daily ritual to check out. Thank you, sincerely, to everyone. I pretty… Read more

The One Thing Young Athletes Are Lacking

Spoiler Alert: the answer is . . . Resiliency. Not lack of coaching, availability of fitness equipment, or the support of overzealous parents who feel their little Jimmy or Tiffany could be the next Mike Trout or Heather O’Reilly. Continue reading my latest article on STACK…..

The Athletic Shoulder Workshop in Frisco, TX

I’ve been fortunate enough in recent years to have the opportunity to do more traveling for both business and pleasure…oftentimes combining the two. Upon being told by my wife that we’ll be making the trek down to Dallas, TX to visit family for Christmas, I asked if she’d be cool if I put out a… Read more

Articles, Podcasts, and Procrastination.

Lisa and I made it back to Boston yesterday after spending the weekend on Seneca Lake (in the Finger Lakes region of NY) touring all the beautiful wineries and vineyards in the area. At the entrance to the Watkins Glen Gorge I’m not a wine person – or an alcohol person, really – but I… Read more

Registration Now Open for the 4th Annual Cressey Sports Performance Fall Seminar

It’s that time of year. Sorry, but it’s a little early for Christmas. And no, it’s not that time of year where I put on full movie quality Chewbacca costume and perform an entire deadlift session like a boss. It’s time to sign up for the annual Cressey Sports Performance Fall Seminar. We’re very excited… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 7/17/15

Only two weeks left until the Elite Training Workshop – Boston is held on Saturday, August 1st. [Can you believe it’s almost August?] I’m really excited for this event and think it’s going to be a awesome experience for those who attend. The line-up is pretty rad and the flow of the day is set up in… Read more