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Now Is Not the Time to Guilt Yourself Into Working Out

I’m going to be honest. I know it’s expected of me to be this beacon of inspiration and to regale everyone with a bunch of “you can do it’isms” designed to motivate the masses into doing something (anything!) to stay active during this time of malaise and sucktitude, and it’s n0t lost on me that… Read more

Support Your Sweat: A Call to Action for Trainers, Coaches, and Fitness Professionals

The whole world is hurting. The fitness industry, though, in an admittedly personal and biased take, is really hurting. The bulk of businesses across the health & fitness community have been forced to shut down for a seemingly indeterminate amount of time as the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course and disrupts everything. I felt it… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/6/20

I’m currently in Paris. It’s a detour I’ve made in between two weekends of teaching workshops (last weekend in Athens, Greece and this coming weekend in London). I love it here. I only had one full day at my disposal so I made the most of it. I adore walking around European cities so I… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: This Is One That Will Make Your Shoulders Feel Better

When it comes to overall shoulder health there are a bevy of factors to consider: Rotator cuff strength Tissue quality Overuse Programming balance Even exercise technique (and how joints are loaded) All are important and things I consider myself when working with a new client who’s shoulder isn’t feeling great. However, there’s one “thing” that’s… Read more

Best Resources of the Year 2019

If you missed the other 2019 year in review posts you can check them out below: Best Articles of 2019 – Readers’ Picks Best Articles of 2019 – My Picks Best Articles of 2019 – Guest Posts Best Exercises You Should Be Doing 2019 And, lastly, I wanted to take today to mention the best… Read more

Turning Caterpillars Into Butterflies

There’s generally two topics I go out of my way to not discuss on my blog or social media channels: religion and politics. It’s not because I don’t have strong leanings or beliefs regarding the two. I do. Rather, I just feel, given the divisiveness that’s inevitably tethered to both, it’s important not to alienate… Read more

What Makes an Athlete Fast?

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Syracuse, NY based strength and conditioning coach Ricky Kompf. Ricky’s a good friend, works with a ton of youth athletes, and he knows his stuff. What I like about his message is that he always stresses the basics first. No fluff, no smoke and mirrors, no speed camps, and… Read more

Get Your Hips Nice-n-Juicy Prior to Your Lower Body Workout

I know, I know… …most of you reading don’t have enough eye-rolls to give. I mean, I get it: a blog post on warming-up is about as exciting as me writing about breathing drills, how to make kale chips, or, I don’t know, NASCAR. But two things: 1. This post will be short and sweet…. Read more