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More of the Best Exercises (You’re Not Doing): Experience Life Magazine

Why hello everyone! Did you miss me? As many of you know (at least for those who live in the United States anyways), we had an extended Labor Day weekend this past weekend, and as it were, I had a rare two days in a row off. With that, I decided to take a slight… Read more

Randomness Before the Weekend

Alright, there’s a three day weekend coming up and the likelihood that anyone is actually reading this post is slim to none. That said, I’m just going to shoot from the hip today: 1. Holy shitnuts this movie looks awesome. Natalie Portman + Mila Kunis + Makeout Scene =100% guarantee this wins an Oscar for… Read more

A Little Sage Advice

Q: Hey Tony, I have a silly question about personal training. I am an independent trainer in New York City- I’ve been training for three years- only 6 months of which have been independent. Now, I try my best to read every day – your blogs, Boyle’s blogs, Eric’s blogs, Cosgrove and many more. I… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Half Kneeling Adductor Dips

Have to keep this one short today because I’m grinding away trying to prepare for this nutrition presentation I’m giving this weekend at Wheelock College. I actually left work early yesterday to head into the city to meet up with the head honcho of the food services department, and got an inside look at what… Read more