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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work

You’re just asking to get fired, you know that right? Sleep 101 – Mike Robertson Quite possibly one of the best blog posts written by the ass-master (sorry Bret Contreras, this was Mike nickname long before you came into the picture), and that’s saying a lot as Mike is one of the smartest guys I… Read more

Q and A: Strength Training and the Endurance Athlete

Q: Hi Tony, I’ve read a number of your interviews in regards to strength training for endurance athletes and my current situation seems to be very similar. They have really got me thinking and I’m glad I’ve got a bit of “fresh air” from you, after all the hot wind from the “bro’s” out there…. Read more

The Return of Gentilcore: Lift Heavy Things and Eat Dead Animal Flesh (not my title, but awesome nonetheless)

Just wanted to share an interview with all of you that I did for The Outdoor Journey, which is an awesome website “dedicated to multi-sport athletes who seek the meaning of life through endurance events.” The author, John Kuhlman, does a fantastic job at trying to bridge the gap between endurance athletes and the weight… Read more

Here We Go Again

Here in Boston, two of the more popular magazines – Boston Magazine and the Improper Bostonian – release their “Best Of” issues this time every year which highlight the best night clubs, restaurants, entertainment, spas, pubs, sports bars, and heath clubs the city (and the surrounding areas) has to offer. What’s more, each of those… Read more

Eggs on Their Faces

Just wanted to share a really nice article sent to me the other day by a reader of my blog (thanks Justin) titled Eggs on Their Faces, which provides a nice commentary on just how out of touch our government is with regards to their oftentimes misguided dietary recommendations. Almost weekly, I start working with… Read more

Q and A: Overhead Pressing

Q: I have a question about vertical pressing. When you press overhead, is there a certain movement or non-movement/pattern the scaps should follow, or should it just depend on what is natural for the individual? Also, what cues do you give people when overhead pressing? Hope this makes sense! Thank you! A: To answer your… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Heel-to-Butt Stretch w/ Overhead Kettlebell Reach

First off all, for those who care, I finished the move over the weekend and am finally settled into the new place. All in all it went fairly smoothly. That is, of course, if you consider one flat tire and one sprained ankle as going “smoothly.” Flat tires happen, what are you gonna do? We… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work

Draw-In vs. the Brace – Charlie Weingroff Honestly, I really don’t know why the topic of bracing vs. drawing in is still debated. Then again, people still debate over whether it was Han Solo who shot first, or Greedo. For the record, I realize that the scene was altered in the Special Edition release, but… Read more