Monthly Archives: September 2011

What My Kitchen Sink Can Teach You About Accountability

Earlier last week, my girlfriend decided to take a road trip to Vermont to visit her cousin for a few days.  Now, as many of you already know, we moved in together a few short months ago, and in the time since, we’ve both come… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 9/6/2011

I literally just got back from Martha’s Vineyard this afternoon…………yes, it was fantastical.  I spent two days doing nothing but taking power naps, eating dead animal flesh, catching up on some reading, and making fun of all the dudes on the island who wore sweater… Read more

Cameo Appearance on The Fitcast

In lieu of yesterday’s Tolstoy’esque post (man, that was a long one), and given the fact that my brain is already in beach mode with Labor Day weekend right around the corner, today I’m just going to direct you to an interview I… Read more