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Make the Back Squat Feel and Look Better

I’m currently in the throes of jet-lag sucktitude. I’ll be back on my writing content horse next week, but I’ve got a treat for you today. regular contributor, Dr. Nicholas Licameli, is subbing in for me today and he went to TOWN in today’s guest post. This is one of the most thorough articles… Read more

You Are Never Too Good To Work in a Commercial Gym

I’m still in London at the moment. I’ve been having a blast taking in the sights and hanging out with my wife and little man. I’ve done zero writing. Fret not. I coaxed another friend of mine – with a handmade coupon for a redeemable tickle fight – to write a guest post for the… Read more

How to Approach Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

I’m over in Europe being all bourgeois and stuff at the moment. Thankfully I had a few people reach out asking if they could write some content for me while was away chasing foxes in England with the Queen. Today I’ve got a good one from Toronto based nutritionist, Marc Capistrano, discussing a few intricacies… Read more

Day 4: Cologne!

Due to some kind of error on my part, we are in an AirBnB with no laundry. You cannot travel to Europe for 2 weeks with carry on-luggage – and a baby – and not have laundry! Oops. So we were planning to do some laundry on Sunday, but NO Laundromats were open! I know,… Read more

Day 3: Bonn Day

Guten Morgan! Julian, Eileen, and Tony slept well. Me, not so much, but what can you do? Luckily, my life-long love affair with coffee sustains me in times like this, so I was awake at 4:30 and up at 5:30am dosing myself, while the family slumbered. After a few cups of coffee and a slice… Read more

Confessions of a Middle-Aged Personal Trainer

I’m currently in Europe.[/footnote]Nah, nah, nah, nah, nahhhhhhhh. I had a speaking engagement Bonn (Germany) this past weekend, and I’m doing a 2-day workshop in London this coming weekend. Before that, though, Amsterdam is on the docket starting tomorrow. Figured it would be a good idea to queue up this guest post from personal trainer… Read more

Day 2 – Strong Body, Strong Mind, (and Jet Lag) in Bonn, Germany!

So… it happened! Strong Body, Strong Mind, Bonn.     After a quick breakfast, Tony and I popped back downstairs to meet Valentina, leaving Julian and Eileen behind to fend for themselves. We returned to Unique Fitness, where we met an amazing collection of trainers from various parts of Germany and Prague! It was a… Read more

Let the European Adventure Commence!

Hello Friends and Family! Once again, the Gentilewis’ greet you from Europe, only this time with the addition of Julian-the-baby, and Eileen-the-nanny! After much planning, we set off for Bonn, Germany at 3pm on Thursday afternoon – here we are, in good spirits: We took an overnight flight to Dublin, and even under the best… Read more