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All the Hype Behind Kipping Pull-Ups

I’ve got an interesting topic today that may or may not win me some friends. I’m guessing the latter, but that’s okay. Below is an email I received a few weeks ago about kipping pull-ups (what are they, is there any efficacy behind them, would I ever program them? Short answer:  Um, no.), and I’ve… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Deadlift Dynamite, The Swole Quotient, and a Really Funny Post

It’s pretty much set and stone (and if I’m not mistaken, the 14th Law of Physics) that anything with the word dynamite in it’s title is the epitome of baller and automatically increases its “badass” factor exponentially. Two examples that immediately pop into my head are Napoleon Dynamite and Black Dynamite – both of which,… Read more

Six Tips To Make You a Better Trainer

Today’s guest post comes from personal trainer (and friend) Mike Anderson.  Enjoy! I mentally wrote most of this post while sitting in attendance at the First Annual Cressey Performance Fall Seminar. I couldn’t help but notice that quite a few of the people in attendance were personal trainers, not strength coaches. Those of us who… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Deadlift Battle Final, Deadlift Dynamite, and Speed Work

1.  First things first: I just want to take a few words to say THANK YOU to any servicemen or servicewomen (past or current) who may be sitting there reading this. I think we take A LOT for granted in this country, and it’s my hope that EVERYONE reading will take a  moment to recognize… Read more

Small Wins, Big Rewards

To some degree, I’m the sort of person people hate. Although, hate IS a strong word. I mean it would be one thing if I cut you off in traffic, insulted your mom, borrowed money from you and never paid it back, or worse, drop kicked a puppy in the face.  Then, by all means,… Read more

The Squat 4x Per Week Experiment

I’ve been alluding to this “experiment” for quite some time now – and I wouldn’t be surprised given how long it’s taken me to actually hunker down and write about it, if some of you felt I was just making it up and blowing out a bunch of hot air. It’s kind of like that… Read more

Tips For a Badass Bench Press

I’ve told this story numerous times via email exchanges and presentations I’ve given, so please forgive me if you’ve heard this one before. Awhile back I wrote an article on T-Nation titled My Shoulder Hurts: The Finest Whine, and in it I detailed, among other things, some of the more common reasons why someone’s shoulder… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Flight, Deadlift Battle Reminder, and Yoga Isn’t For Everyone

1. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend (and remembered to turn their clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night). Not surprisingly, like an idiot, I forgot to turn mine back and as a result got up earlier than I needed to do the weekly grocery shopping.  It wasn’t until I logged onto… Read more